Unable to build a corner post

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Unable to build a corner post

Postby Sillykok » Sun Nov 05, 2023 9:46 pm

Hi all,

I'm back to Salem and decided to start over. I'm still in early stages of my claim and am trying to build a makeshift fence.

Built a starting post....then build about 10 sections going west...then build a corner post....then started building south....the first section gives me an option to build "south" or to build "corner post" but if I build another section south...I no longer get the option for a corner post...just "South" or "North".

I tried building another starting post and connected it with a gate to the original starting post....was able to build going west about 10-15 sections and built another corner post...when I go south again....same thing happens as above.

What am I doing wrong? :?:
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