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Re: Salem Spring Contest!

Postby gorniksam » Sat Apr 24, 2021 4:36 am




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Re: Salem Spring Contest!

Postby spalari » Sun Apr 25, 2021 9:28 am

Hello everyone, thanks to everyone who participated!
We had tons of fun banter on the discord, so if you're not already on it I highly recommend you join- As the community engagement there is more plenty than the forums are in their current state.

As for the winners!

Tile art contest winners:

#1 and the winner of 70k silver is gorniksam and her awesome depiction of an all time classic movie profile.

#2 and the winner of 30k silver is GigiBecali and his great implementation of his doge art.

The best memes:

#1 and the winner of 70k silver is Vesemir and his classic Stonks/Stock meme, no need to make anything advanced when something simple will do.

#2 and the winner of 30k silver is Jhomsam, reminding us all about our favorite past time in Salem, whilst also making use of a classic meme.

The winners were decided by a pannel of Mods & Marp- So big thanks to you all for your contributionn-
And great job anyone who participated, whilst we've been promised that development will go on- We'll have to make our own fun untill then, and probably also during active development.
And of course honorable mentions go to Pistolshrimp for his great comic strip, which can be found on the discord
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