Can't play even after disabling...

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Can't play even after disabling...

Postby Bugger » Tue Nov 10, 2020 2:51 am

Logged in just for '*****/giggles' and opened a new account... but after jumping through a bunch of '!' and yellow 'WTH' from Norton I still can't enter the game... oh well.

Suppose it's enough to say I miss Salem. Ps2, Lotro, Wow, BD, etc... none of them had the same since of discovery, exploration- just plain adventure I found in Salem. Sucks this game never went mainstream; guess powers that be really saw a competitor and crushed you while they could. Sucks; but that's life I guess.

I whine, but I don't have the time commitment to play any MMO these days. Ps2 which has been out of years... top character <90; even with subs... I just don't have the time! Again, oh well.

Hope your community is doing said. If there's a crowd funder to get you into 22nd century... please let me know. Got a lifetime account with LOTRO that I never play... hell I tried tonight...and I just gave up and tried logging in here.

Says a lot right there.

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Re: Can't play even after disabling...

Postby Taipion » Tue Nov 10, 2020 8:52 am

This should be under help.

Try adjusting your java security settings, google that if necessary, add exceptions for the games URLs there, then try again.
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