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Re: Bloodmoon

Postby Laighin » Sun May 17, 2020 11:37 pm

akpeters678 wrote:
Ronch wrote:What could have also caused the addition increase beyond the BM could be a hangman's tree spawned close to your location, it is an exploration event in the game.
You can find more info about the exploration event(s) on the game's wiki here:

A tree had spawned near my home. Thanks.

Thanks for the tip. Does that tree disappear again on it's own ?

Just started to play this game, I even made some clothes so I am not affected by the temperature drop any more, some lovely pilgrim gave me a free hat and free shoes in Providence (I can't thank him enough). I even made a bed for my character and logged off 8 hours a few times. But I gained madness levels right away so I have read the wiki article for madness and could not find the reason for this increase. Now I have browsed this forum and came across this thread. And yes - there is such a tree next to my base which would explain the increase in madness. I did not know what the tree is about and did not touch it but I guess from the above that it affects me nevertheless.

So what can I do about the tree, can I remove it or will it disappear on it's own ? It's not really a cool situation.

Too early for me to say whether in general is a great feature or not. I used to play a few years ago (that time there was no such thing as madness/insanity) and liked just walking through the wilderness, learning skill and crafting stuff but now I have just around 12 humor value and a bit stuck with this madness levels increasing.
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Re: Bloodmoon

Postby DarkNacht » Mon May 18, 2020 7:05 pm

It can be chopped down.
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