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Re: Hallowe'en Hunt!

Postby Kia » Sat Nov 02, 2019 8:33 pm

kwyl wrote:Town looks really good. Nice and spooky.

It sure does!!!
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Re: Hallowe'en Hunt!

Postby MarpTarpton » Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:44 pm

And so the event has ended and I have tallied the scores. I will list the riddles, provide the answer after, and then a breakdown of answers received after that.

1) Nod - "Etched into a board's grain lies a face twisted in agony and pain." Perhaps a priest can help? (Ghost in the Grain)

100% of responses were Ghost in the Grain

2) Priest in town - "Not a container I would use, unless you're looking to let the scurvy dog loose. A fisherman may know more. (Davy Jones Locker)

73% of responses were Davy Jones Locker
18% of responses were Mermaid's Purse (container yes, but what scurvy dog does it hold?)
9% of responses were Sand (Incorrect all around)

3) Fisherman in town - "Mon francais est mauvais, mais les fleurs en os ne sont pas mon gout." Seek out a lime covered trapper. (Les Fleurs du Mal)

100% of responses were Les Fleurs du Mal

4) Limer's Front - "Loathed by creatures who have turned from the light, a symbol of our Lord has them turning in firght!" Seek out a seed seller to sew your success! (Simple Crucifix)

100% of responses were Simple Crucifix

5) Seed merchant - This writhing tangle maddens the mind as you stare to figure out how they are entwined. Maybe someone who likes to fight knows the answer. (Concordat of Worms)

73% of responses were Concordat of Worms
27% of responses were Knotted Wood Block (does a knotted wood block writhe and is it entwined?)

6) Fight Club - With eyes that pierce as soon as it touches your face, your survival depends on the tentacled god's grace. You feel like you should chill and smoke. (Iä! Iä! Rlyeh Fhtang! [Cthulhu Mask])

36% of responses were Iä! Iä! Rlyeh Fhtang!
23% of responses were Seaweed Masque (definitely close, but Iä! Iä! Rlyeh Fhtang! hurts the player's sanity (pierces) when wearing specifically referencing a tentacled god)
18% of responses were Torn Tentacle (this is not a worn item, doesn't really fit)
9% of responses were Crown of Thorns (worn and does damage, but it's worn on the head not the face and jesus didn't have tentacles [allegedly])

7) Den - The tiny life that sings an empty song sits brittle in a silence so long. You feel the urge to travel to a circle of stones. (Decomposed Bird Skeleton)

70% of responses were Singing Old Log (I tried to hint at the idea of something both tiny and brittle, which I don't think is obvious in the idea of the singing old log
30% of responses were Decomposed Bird Skeleton

8) Stone Circles - The face you make when up to no good, a face drawn tight with hay and a mood hard as wood. It's time to begin the grand rite, lodgebrother! (Wicked Wickerman)

55% of responses were Wicker Man (while this is the core of the answer, the "up to no good" part was the hint that the answer was the wicked version)
45% of responses were Wicked Wicker Man

9) Mason's Lodge - The long horned beast with bat wings resulted in a celebration of the Wheel's end (and other things). Find the silver saucer from above! (Samhain Masque)

27% of responses were Samhain Masque
36% of responses were Reindeer Masque (Rudolph doesn't have bat wings unlike the furfur and Samhain is the end of the Pagan Wheel of the Year; Yule [Christmas] is its beginning)
27% of responses were Furfur Antlers
9% of responses were Furfur Wing

10) Crashed saucer - On wings of blind darkness from heck they seek to bury these in your neck. Perhaps the dead trees behind the church in town have secrets to share? (Bat Fang)

91% of responses were Bat Fang
9% of responses were Dead Bat

11) Island of trees - He speaks to me, this little man, of fallacious argument ought not began. Head to the glistening pool between three walls. (Strawman)

60% of responses were Strawman (as explanation, the strawman is a fallacy and its use in Salem is a pun, similar to the Red Herring inspirational)
30% of responses were Rotten Log (this was a really good alternative except that the rotten log is not an inspirational)
10% of responses were Garden Gnome (I think you assume the garden gnome is the creature in the log that tricks you, but it's too much of a stretch to be a good contender)

12) Fountain of tears - O! haunted traveler among the vine, who stole your hue to make you mine? An island sets far to the ast, beware the danger of going alone! (Ghost Rider)

30% of responses were Ghost Rider
30% of responses were Jack-O-Lantern ("Haunted Traveler" is a synonym for "Ghost Rider" and the jack-o-lantern hasn't lost its hue (color) unlike the ghost rider)
30% of responses were Pectin Prison (I get that the beetle was the traveler [though not haunted] and it's made mine by capturing it, but I think the idea that it lost its hue because it is now the color of the pectin is a stretch as the hue wasn't stolen as opposed to something more normal or iconic as pumpkins are "supposed" to be orange)
10% of responses were Ghost Rider Mask (This is a fair alternative, I gave this to you)

13) Volcano Island - A piece of the container used to seal the dead, but is it to keep them safe, or us instead? So ends the journey, did you find all 13 items? (Coffin Plank)

100% of responses were Coffin Plank

14) Bonus - This medley of Russian origin is delicious indeed including an ingredient difficult to breed. (In case you found on item impossible to get, not necessarily an inspirational) (Scary Stroganoff)

100% of responses were Scary Stroganoff

So concludes our Halloween event. All participants will receive a token of appreciation for taking the time to riddle away the day, scores of 50% or more will receive an added pat on the back, and as promised, the top 5 scores will receive a Witchs Hat. Thanks for playing guys, stay spooky!

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