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Vatican Pawn Shop + Tailoring + Buying all Items

Postby Heffernan » Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:28 pm


- FREE Tailor Works
- FREE Metal Works
- Buying all Rare Items
- Pawn Shop

HS = heff

Thread & Needle: Image


Making Clothes if you have the Materials = Free
Slotting Clothes = Free

Tips welcome.

Question ans Answers:

Q: Whats the Difficulty u get?
A: Difficulty on New Clothes? 0 in most cases but some can RARELY be 1

Q:whats ur slotting chance?
A: most items have a natural MAXIMUM slotting chance of 75-80-90-95 % chance, i cant change that just tell u the %

Q: do u have XX material or XX artifacts on hand?
A: nope i rarely have anything on hand, please check stalls

Q: can you tell me what set/part i should get
A: nope mostly check im busy most of the day making clothes


"In Vatican City lies Salems biggest and Badass Pawn Shop"

How does it work? (same rules as in any pawn business)

1) you have a item from the list of rare items that you dont want to sell but you need money, so you pawn it.

2) you give me the item and get 50% of the Value next to the item (so for a 2k store tool its 1000s) including a pawn ticket to pawn it out.

3) you have then 1 week to get the money + 10% pawn fees (so in the case of the shoptool above 1000+100) and get the item back, you can also extend wich will be 10% then for the second week (1000+100+100) and 10% for the third (1000+100+100+100) to a maximum of 3 weeks.

4) if you fail to extend or dont pawn ur item out within time (excluding time i sleep) or lose your pawn ticket the item is mine and will be sold off.

Q: How is Security Handled?
A: ours is the most defended base i salem with 15+ walls and 1k braziers and 2k torches aswell as loads of Guards..

Q: what happens if you lose a item?
A: we have a system that should never lose a item, but if it happens we have enough items to restore it asap.

Q: what about clothing from the list?
A: unslotted clothing 50%, bad slotted 25%, perfect slotted 75% all on pawn.

Q: do you take mass resources like 100 leather?
A: nope sorry only exeption rares like Fine Leather gold bars etc..



Shop Stuff:

mysterytoolbox Mystery Toolbox 2500s mysterychest Mystery Weapon Box 1500 mysteryfurniture Mystery Furniture Box 2500s mysterycape Mystery Cape Hanger 1200s mysterybox Mystery Box 850s flintsteelpack Flint & Steel Pack 600s lastwill Last Will & Testament 1600s...... momentomori Momento Mori 2200s spring Springs 250s

gardenerpack Gardener's Pack minerpack Miner's Pack metallurgistpack Metallurgist's Pack tailorpackTailor's Pack farmerpack Farmer's Pack hunterpack Hunter's Pack carpenterpack Carpenter's Pack chefpack Chef's Pack undertakerpack Untertaker Pack 5000s

redcoatpack Redcoat Pack 6000s alchpack Alchemist Pack 5500s betapack Beta Pack 26000s prospectorspack Prospectors Pack 6000s fishpack Fisher Pack 6000s goodcheerpack Cheer Pack 6000s advpack Adventure Pack 6000s

goodcheerdiploma Diploma Good Cheer 3000s fishdiploma Fishing Diploma 3000s prospectorsdiploma Prospector Diploma 3000s betadiploma Beta Diploma 3000s alchdiploma Alchemist Diploma 3000sadvdiploma Adventure Diploma 3000s foundingdiploma Founding Father Diploma 3000s (3500s fir if i dont have that one atleast once already so far for all)

apothecarybag Apothecary Bag 3000s miasmamasque Miasma Masque 2500s plaguemasque Plague Doctor's Masque 200s splintapothecary Apothecary Splint 1500s

handsaw Handsaw prospectorspan Prospectors Pan farmerhoe Farmers Hoe rollingpin Rolling Pin gardenshovel Garden Shovelhuntingknife Hunting Knife hellfiretongs Hellfire Tongs

pitchfork Pitchfork hinchliffescissors Hinchcliffe Scissors Shop Tools 2000s (scissors 1000) scythe Reaping Scythe 7000s undertakershovel Undertaker Shovel 2500s

banjo Banjo glockenspiel Glockenspiel fife Fife harp Harp skinflute Skinflute snaredrum Snaredrum viola Viola wardrum Wardrum, Instruments 7000s cowbell Cowbell 4000s NO Copper Trumpet

bonenecklace Bone Necklage gardengnome Garden Gnome ladle Ladle carpentersquare Carpenters Square farmersalmanac Farmers Almanac 25use 1000s each maudneyashes Maudneys Ashes (25use) 1000s

hunterdframegift Hunters Drying Frame 3500s gardenerpotu Gardeners Pot 3000s tailorcleanergift Tailors Cotton Cleaner 3000s minersupportgift Miners Sup Beam 2000s eternalflamegift Eternal Flame 3500s chefbtablegift Chef Baking Table 2500s farmerbingift Farmers Compost Bin 3000s

smalldressergift Small Dresser 2500s redthronegift Red Throne 2500s classicsofagift Classis Sofa 4000s grandfatherclockgift Grandfather Clock 4000s
mapdeskgift Mapdesk 3000s rockingchairgift Rocking Chair 2500s nightstandgift Night Stand 2500s writingdeskgift Writing Desk 3000s

gardenercape Gardener Cape tailorcape Tailor Cape carpentercape Carpenters Cape farmercape Farmers Cape chefcape Chefs Cape huntercape Hunters Cape metallurgistcape Metallurgist Cape wintercape Winter Cape lunacape Lunar Cape

chefcape Chefs Cape minercape Miners Cape kingedwardcape King Edwards Cape kingcharlescape King Charles Cape kinghenrycape King Henry Cape coldsnapcape Cold Snap Cape eternalautumncape Eternal Autumn Cape

everbloomcape Everbloom Cape 550s each

sunhat Sun Hat frosttophat Frost Top Hat gnomehat Gnome Hat heartderby Heart Derby jesterhat Jester Hat 2000s ea

simplebonnet Simple Bonnet 3500s goatmask Goat Mask 3000s condottieriscap Condottieri's Cap 500s admiralshat Admirals Hat 1500s

claymore Claymore 5000s executionerswhip Executioner's Whip 5000s candycane Candy Gang Candy Cane 4000s trapperrifle Trappers Rifle 1600s prieststaff Priest's Staff 800s caveclub Cavemans Club 3500s

cane Cane 600s foundingarquebus Founding Fathers Arquebus 1100s redcoatgun Redcoats Musket 1100s executionersaxe Executioners Axe 20000s hobbyhorse Hobby Horse 2000s paintbrush Artists Paintbrush 6000s

bearhat Bear Hat beaverhat Beaver Hat roosterhat Rooster Hat donkeyhat Donkey Hat fishhat Fish Hat pighat Pig Hat cowhat Cow Hat wolfhat Wolf Hat 550s ea unicornhat Unicorn Hat 4000s

poleflaghousetarpton Flag of House Tarpton poleflaghousemeow Flag of House Meow poleflaghousedallane Flag of House Dallane poleflaghousecarver Flag of House Carver poleflagtremendouswealth Flag of Tremendous Wealth

poleflaghaven Flag of Haven & Hearth poleflagsalem Flag of Salem poleflaghearts poleflagbetsyross .... all Flags 800s Exept Flag of Tremendous Wealth this is 3500s and America 3500s

luckypants Lucky Pants 550s luckyshirt Lucky Shirt 550s elfshirt Elf Shirt 550s elfhat Elf Hat 550s elfpants Elf Pants 550s saintpatrickhat Saint Patrick's Hat 550s santahat Santa's Hat 550s santacoat Santa's Coat 550s

undertakershirt Undertaker Shirt 750s undertakerhat Undertaker Hat 750s undertakerpants Undertaker Pants 750s undertakerboots Undertaker Boots 750s undertakercoat Undertaker Coat 750s

yulesock Christmas Stocking 500s mustangjersey Mustang Jersey 500s nationalistjersey Nationalist Jersey 300 fairywings 4000

betajacket Plymouth Rock Jacket 7000s betabreeches Plymouth Rock Breeches 7000s betaarmour Plymouth Rock Armor 4000s betashoes Plymouth Rock Shoes 3000s betabelt Plymouth Rock Sash 1000s

skullmug Skull Mug 500s darkplaguemasque Dark Plague Masque 2000s whitetophat White Tophat 2000s skimmerhat Skimmers Hat 2000s

goodcheerchain Chain of the Most Illustrious Order of Good Cheer 3000s priestcape Priest Cape 3000s alchemyshirt Alchemist's Shirt 4000s bughat Bugfinders Hat 2000s

parliamentwig Parliaments Wig 4000s admiral Admirals Uniform 500s(broken) 1000s(unbroken) chiefsheaddress Original Chief's Headdress 800s adventurersvest Adventurers Vest Unbroken 3500s Broken 2000s

prospectorshat Prospectors Hat 4500s executionersmasque Executioners Masque 10500s (unbroken) 2500s(broken) bravefeather Feather of the Brave 5000s

conquistadorsshirt Conquisitador's Shirt 30000s conquistadorspants Conquisitador's Pants 10000s witchshat Witch's Hat 50000s amazonhat Amazon Hat 10000s tophat Tall Tophat 10.000s

robinmasque Robin Masque 25000s

Rare Stuff:

merchantspurse Merchant's Purse 100s noblemanspurse Nobleman's Purse 250s bankerspurse Banker's Purse 500s

canoe Canoe 500s luckyhorseshoe Lucky Horse Shoe 500s cigarette Cigarette 15000s

masterbelt Master Toolbelt 1000s fineleatherbackpack Fine Leather Backpack 1500s redcoatbackpack Redcoat Backpack 3500s each

candybasket Candy Basket 50s furfurwing Fur'Fur Wing 1500s ghostpaper Wallpaper of Ghost 1500s juvargo Juvenile Argopelter 1500s

tinypocketwatch Tiny Pocketwatch 400s compass Square & Compass 2000s

darkenbits Darken Bits 26000s towncharter Town Charter 4500s

Wonderfully Whimsical Wish 2000s

Evidence of Royal Conspiracy 500s

Marp Tarpton 250.000

rubellite ANY gem above 3carat pm

Green Stuff:

kingspurse King's Purse 1000s kingsclothseedbag King's Cloth Seed Bag 1000s kingsclothgoodsbag King's Cloth Dry Goods Bag 1000s pale Pale 1000s

Golden Stuff:

goldenegg Golden Egg 20s goldbar Gold Bar 1100s goldbuttons Gold Button 750s goldleafpin Gold Leaf Pin 750s goldlace Golden Lace 150s
goldengoose Golden Goose 3500s goldengoose Golden Goose Dead 500s

goldentophat Golden Tophat 15.000s goldencane Golden Cane 5000s goldenplate Golden Plate of the Whale 5000s goldensantahat Golden Santa's Hat goldeneyepatch Golden Eyepatch goldenboots Golden Boots goldenshirt Golden Shirt goldenplaguemasque Golden Plague Doctors Masque 5000


animalglue Animal Glue 40s leather Leather 20s fineleatherFine Leather 500s glasspane Glass Pane 350s

bar-iron Iron Bar 30s (any purity) wroughtironbarWrought Iron Bar 250s (any purity) blistersteelbar Blister Steel Bar 500s

eagleegg Eagle Egg 30s spookyredcap Spooky Redcap 50s jalapeno Jalapeno 40s Pickled Jalapeno 1000s


teasel Teasel 150s needle Needle 2000s bearpawsBear Paw 8500s bearclaw Bear Claw 2200s argobranch Unthrown Argo Brach 4000s

blackpearl Black Pearl 2500s snakeskull Whispering Snake Skull 500s spidereggsacs Spider Egg Sac 2500s lobsterclaw Lobster Claw 3500s (no crab claw)

marysribbon Mary`s Ribbon 2500s pigtail Pig Tail 5000s bullhorn Bull Horn 20.000s


shedskin Shed Skin 150s liverwort Liverwort 160s petrifiedwood Petrified Wood 160s tentacle Torn Tentacle 100s

sanddollar Sand Dollar 150s peatmoss Vibrant Peat Moss 150s canine Animal Canine 150s scintillatingsandScintilliating Sand 150s thornbushflowers Rarefied Thornbush Flower's 550s


*check last posts*


pickaxe =wroughtironbar x2

metalaxe = wroughtironbar x1 + nails x2

steelsaw = blistersteelbar x2

steelaxe = blistersteelbar x1 + nails x2

steelpickaxe = blistersteelbar x3

steelshovel = blistersteelbar x1 + nails x1

Offer per pm.

How the Trade is done:
1) send me a pm or talk to me ingame (to make sure its me HS: Heff)
2) put the item/items in boston in a barrel with me at the barrel
3) u get ur cash in the barrel

note: i will NEVER go first unless ur one of the few VERY trusted traders, also i have enough positives so u know i would never scam anyone.
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Re: Heffernans Cave of Buying

Postby Heffernan » Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:34 pm

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Re: Heffernans Cave of Buying

Postby FurTrader » Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:35 pm

Are you looking High notes?
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Re: Heffernans Cave of Buying

Postby Heffernan » Tue Sep 16, 2014 1:38 pm

yup send me a offer my mail, need a few of them.
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Re: Heffernans Cave of Buying

Postby Heffernan » Tue Sep 16, 2014 2:44 pm

done for now... ALL ITEMS FILLED
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Re: Heffernans Cave of Buying

Postby Heffernan » Sat Sep 20, 2014 12:08 pm

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Re: Heffernans Cave of Buying

Postby Heffernan » Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:46 am

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Re: Heffernans Cave of Buying

Postby Rifmaster » Mon Sep 22, 2014 12:57 pm

Heffernan wrote: VERY

Can you please say what difficulty you would like?
VERY doesnt say much.
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Re: Heffernans Cave of Buying

Postby Heffernan » Mon Sep 22, 2014 1:39 pm

i dont know if or how this increases prices alot, so cant tell you, but u can hit me up ingame to discuss this
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Re: Heffernans Cave of Buying

Postby Heffernan » Wed Sep 24, 2014 8:44 am

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