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The Rights of Englishmen (Read This First)

PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 4:48 am
by TotalyMeow
Forum Rules

These rules are valid for every post in this forum without any exception.

Using the search function before asking questions or posting threads that have probably been posted before is highly recommended.

§1 - General

1. By posting on this forum you agree to and are bound by these Forum Rules.

2. The Forum Rules apply to the whole forum, including but not limited to: Private messages (PMs), profile information and the individual sub-forums.

3. The purpose of the moderators is to make sure the Forum Rules are being followed. In case a violation happens, the moderation team reserves the right to punish the user accordingly. Punishments are covered by §4.
The moderation team is not always your best avenue for game related questions or help, though such questions may be directed to them. For fastest response, questions can be directed to the community by posting in the Help sub-forum.

4. Multiple accounts are allowed on the forum for the purpose of role playing and character immersion. Using an alternate account for the purposes of ban evasion, to spam posts, to support your own opinion, to enhance your own reputation in a Trade thread, or to otherwise talk to your own account(s) is not allowed and will be punished.

4b. Accounts made in mockery of another account or to impersonate or fool the community into believing they are that other account are forbidden and will be banned.

5. If a particular sub-forum has additional rules, as set forth in §3, the users are obliged to follow them.

6. The moderators reserve the right to move individual posts and threads to the Valley of Hinnom if they are deemed in violation of the rules.

7. Threads not published in the appropriate sub-forum may be locked or moved to another forum without notice by the moderators.

8. The Forum Rules are subject to change at any time, and they immediately apply to any open case at the moment of change.

§2 – Content Regulations

1. Do not post in a language other than English. If it is necessary to post in another language, an accurate English translation must be included.
Any information in your Profile must be in English or include an English translation. Your account name may be a foreign language, but it must use the Latin alphabet (various accent marks allowed) so that it is at least recognizable and somewhat pronounceable to an English speaker. Your account name cannot include a profanity, in any language. Game Accounts may use any name they like, but are not allowed to post if they don't conform to this rule. If you are unsure if your name will be acceptable, PM the Community Manager and ask.

2. Do not impersonate staff. Content which can be mistaken as official or otherwise cause similar confusion (such as posting with 'moderator green' text) is prohibited. Removal or editing of any Moderator alteration to a post is also prohibited. In addition, do not point out that another user is breaking the rules. Use the report function to report rules violations.

3. Do not Spam. Spam can include, but is not limited to: posts which are off-topic to the thread's discussion; posts and threads which are not related to the sub-forum overall theme; overuse of emoticons; multiple posting of the same post in more than one thread; multiple posting of the same thread in one or more sub-forums. The moderation team is the final arbiter of what is or is not spam.

4. Do not Re-post or Double-post. Re-posting a locked or deleted topic, or reposting significant content from locked or deleted topics in order to restart a locked discussion, is not allowed. Posting twice (or more) in a row in the same thread is not permitted except in case of announcements by the devolopers, or in the creation of guides, or a legitimate bump of an older thread such as a Trade thread. Users are encouraged to use the Edit-feature instead.

5. No pornographic, racist or otherwise discriminatory or inappropriate text or images. This can include, but is not limited to: overly abusive, sexist, or racist language; disparaging any religion, race, gender, age group, or sexual orientation, threatening persons with actions in real life. The moderation team is the final arbiter of what is or is not inappropriate.

5b. No impersonating specific terrorist groups. Impersonating a specific terrorist group identifies you with their entire cause and by default makes your group subject to banning under rule 5. This is a sandbox and if you want to roleplay 'terrorists' you can, however you must make your own manifesto, your own identity, you own acronym.

6. Do not post transcripts of private communication between people other than yourself. Conversations in any medium in which the poster is a participant may be posted, including Skype, MSN, Vent, emails, etc. Conversations must be edited to remove any personal information, as set forth in §2.7. In-game communications, including area chat, screen shots, tells, and forum PMs, are considered public and may be posted by any user at any time.

7. Do not post personal data without permission. Personal information (such as real life name, address or photo) of a user may not be posted without the express consent of the person or people concerned. Any posting of one's own personal data is entirely at the user's own risk, and when posted to the forum, is considered to be consent.

8. Do not discuss forum bans or warnings in the forum. Discussion of or objection to forum bans or warnings should only occur through forum PM with the moderators.

8b. Do not discuss in-game punishments in the forum. Discussion of or objection to in-game bans or other punishments should only occur through forum PM with the Community Manager TotalyMeow or the Project Leader JohnCarver.

9. Do not post material which could be considered illegal by international law or by the law of the United States of America. This includes, but is not limited to, discussion of cracked software. Links pointing to such material are also forbidden.

10. No advertisements of any kind. Users may, however, start a thread for fan discussion of a game in the City upon a Hill sub-forum. Be aware that any solicitation to play said game or meet up in said game is considered an advertisement. Such threads may be deleted, locked, or moved to Valley of Hinnom at the moderation team's discretion.

11. No buying or selling for real world currency. Do not sell or imply that you will sell any in-game item, service, or information for real world currency.

12. No large signatures. Signatures are limited to a height of 90 pixels, which is about equivalent to 7 lines of text, and a width of 600 pixels.

13. Do no derail. Do not derail a topic away from the subject of the original post. If necessary, create a new thread in the appropriate sub-forum and link the previous thread. Posts considered to be derailing may be moved to a new thread or sent to Hinnom at the Moderators' discretion.

14. Do not post images containing profanity. These forums contain an optional profanity filter. Because of this, some profanity is allowed in posting, but not in any images posted to this site, as images cannot be filtered. Additionally, misspellings or use of * to replace a letter in a swear-word in order to evade the filter is not allowed and will be punished.

15. Do not lie about bug abuse on the forums. Players my not lie on the forums about any issue related to incidents or potential incidents of bug abuse, or any other issue related to actions that are bannable in game. We believe in free speech and wish you to have the freedom to debate issues here, but we also do not want false claims about the game to discourage new people from even trying Salem. Therefore, false or libelous statements regarding players escaping judgement or punishment for in-game bannable offenses will now result in a ban.

§3 – Sub-Forums

1. Trolling. Troll posts, posts of a libelous nature, and posts of divisive or abusive nature are not allowed in the Help, Bugs & Technicalities, and Artifice & Arcana sub-forums.

2. Bugs. All bugs should be posted in the Bugs & Technicalities sub-forum.

§4 – Punishments

1. Any account violating this set of forum rules may be banned for a period of time by the moderation team depending on the severity of the infraction inflicted on the forum rules. Players may also be punished with In-Game bans or other handicaps at the Developer's discretion.

2. Creating any amount of new accounts to evade a ban is not allowed and will be punished by a ban of the account(s). Posting in the name of a banned person is considered as ban evasion and will be punished accordingly.

3. Topics and posts which violate the forum rules may be moved to the Valley of Hinnom at moderator discretion.

§5 – Complaints

1. If you have a complaint or question about a moderator's decision, the complaint may be directed to the Community Manager via forum PM or email.

2. Posting a thread / multiple threads to resolve a situation involving a complaint about another user or a crew member is against the rules. In addition, what is defined in §2.3 will apply.

Re: The Rights of Englishmen

PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:39 am
by TotalyMeow
This forum contains an optional Profanity Filter which can be turned off or on here:


By default, it is turned on.

Re: The Rights of Englishmen

PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:28 am
by TotalyMeow
If You Wish to Make a Complaint

If you are being harassed in PMs, you may use the same report function on a PM that you use on a forum post. The rules of the forum also apply to PMs, but I cannot enforce said rules or read the offending PMs unless they are reported, so please do so.

If you are being harassed in the game or see someone being harassed or see any in-game rule being broken and wish to report it, you may do so at this time via a forum PM to TotalyMeow or JohnCarver. In a case where you have taken a screenshot for evidence and said screenshot contains profanity or racial slurs or other things not allowed on the forums, you will not be punished for PMing them to John or me. If you prefer, you may also use email. TotalyMeow: , JohnCarver: .

If you have been banned from the forums, you are banned on all accounts and may not post on any of them. However, if you want to discuss or question your ban you may PM me from an unbanned account without fear of it too being banned so long as you do not use it to post while the ban is in effect. Posters should always be able to contact a moderator.

Re: The Rights of Englishmen

PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:38 am
by TotalyMeow
On the application of Punishment Hats

Certain types of forum behavior, while not specifically against any of the forum rules, may earn you a 'Punishment Hat'; a non-removable, unslottable, stupid-looking in-game hat which has the effect of making one of your equipment slots useless and thus nerfing your character just enough to be annoying.

The only way to earn one of these hats is to incur the wrath of John Carver. The hats will stay on your character for a finite duration of time. If you have earned yourself a hat, you may E-mail or PM to find out when your hat will expire.

You can earn a Dunce Cap, aka Claeyt Cap, by being illogical and spreading idiocy across the forums, or by insisting on a change to game mechanics when you have been told by the developers that it is not going to happen.

You can earn a Frakked Cap arguing about a system when you clearly don't know how it works or about a 'bug' you have been told is not a bug despite it being explained to you, or about a bug you straight up lied about, thus sending the developers on a wild goose chase.

You can earn an Ass Hat by being overly confrontational, inciting flame wars when you've been warned to stop, arguing about bans or other moderation and otherwise excessively violating the forum rules.