Patch 2.2.14 - Topped with a Star

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Patch 2.2.14 - Topped with a Star

Postby MarpTarpton » Tue Dec 13, 2022 1:02 am

Greetings Pilgrims,


Marp Giveth

- Added a new Inspirational - the Wayward Starfish! They can be found on beaches or mermaid purses. Study if you want, but the nice thing to do would be to toss them back (and gain a healthy bit of sanity).
- Added clothing item - Star Bikini
- Added a new class of objects - Rugs! Right click it in your inventory to see the blueprint go down, left click where you'd like it to go. Right click to roll it back up into your inventory. And yes, you can put them under things. Rugs can be placed indoors or outdoors (will decay outdoors). Salvaging a rug will destroy it. (Right now they can be placed "inside" walls a little bit. I limited where I could, but if you guys think it is too immersion breaking or looks very, very bad, let me know)
- Added a new rug - Bearskin Rug
- Added a new wallpaper - Sobrius

Yuletide Gaiety

- The holiday spirit has come to the New World yet again. Grateful for all your help in repairing his sled in the past, Santa has sent all players who have logged in during the past month a Holiday Tree! Here are the deets on trees, lest tragedy strikes like last year:
- Holiday Trees will decay offclaim. Can be placed inside/outside. Can be lifted and moved inside/outside. Can be decorated as you see fit (no bearing on gifts), but you can't remove decorations once they've been placed. Reference image to see what the tree might accept as decorations. On Christmas eve, assuming you haven't been naughty, Santa will deliver gifts beneath the tree. For those of you who live in towns, trees spawn gifts per player. The tree won't remember who built it, but rather will spawn when a character sees it after Santa has visited it (and each player can only do this once). So, each player in town will want their own tree up and will want to check their tree on Christmas. Trees set up after Christmas will not be visited by Santa.
revised for clarity - a tree will spawn gifts once when seen by a player after midnight of December 24th. Once a player has seen a tree spawn gifts, the player (account) will not be able to spawn future gifts from other trees. Once a tree has spawned gifts, a tree will not spawn future gifts

- Mystery Sweater Box added to His Majesty's Stall - festive holiday sweaters for IOUs!
- Douglas the violin player in town has learned a new tune for the holidays. I will try to make sure the song is removed before taking a 3 year hiatus from development. *badum, tsss*

Marp Taketh Away

- See below

Bug Fixes:

- Wishpooshes now drop skeletons
- Beavers no longer (probably) drop lards during seasons that aren't Coldsnap
- All pinecones in Providence have now become spruce cones! Spruce cones act just like pinecones did, except you need to plant a whole cone to get a new tree. May adjust in the future. Pinecones will make a return - in time.
- Players can no longer lift objects out of sleds/carts on shore while mounted on a canoe.
- Players can no longer open kilns and similar objects while mounted (done to fix the notorious kiln/urn/herbpot stuck on cursor bug)
- Players can no longer pull sleds/carts while mounted.
- Updated models for Spring Beauty and Shooting Star flowers, Strawman, Acorn Indian, and Adventurer's Trailmix.
- Gave a model to Founding Father's Sash and added a tooltip describing its function.
- Adjusted display requirement for food in a food trough to be greater than the largest bite an animal may need to take.
- Changed the font of paper and books for legibility.
- Adjusted the ui size and buttons for paper and books.
- Coat bottoms (and a few other wearables, basically everything with a skirt) are no longer see-through when seen from within.
- Reduced possible mortar range to be limited by maximum default map render range.
- Fixed wallpaper animation
- Adjusted alchemy of marrowdumplings.

What's Next?:

- 2023 :O

And, the patch hat:


Please do consider supporting the patch with the purchase of a Peppermint Top Hat, in case you enjoy some holiday spice in your life, some pep in your step, and a minty swirl atop your noggin!

Thank you for your support in its many forms and stay safe in the Lumberwoods!
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