Patch 2.2.13 - Good Bones

Announcements of major changes to Salem.

Patch 2.2.13 - Good Bones

Postby MarpTarpton » Sun Oct 23, 2022 9:05 pm

Greetings Pilgrims,

This bite-sized patch was pushed for Hallowe'en, so apologies for it being on the light-side. Nonetheless, I hope you find its content enjoyable.


Marp Giveth

- March Hares, Cougars, and Male Pigs now rot into skeletons.
- Animal skeletons now have a chance to drop Cracked Bones rarely while deboning.
- (Most) Bones can be put into a fireplace to be converted into Bone Ash, a handy fertilizer.
- Added a festive new backpack - the Pumpkin Pack
- Mr. Bones has returned for a limited time to celebrate the last harvest of the season. You can find him in town. He will be leaving a week or so after Halloween. Players have until then to finish his quest(s).

Bug Fixes:

- Updated studded chap pant varieties to better match jacket coloring.
- Animal Skeletons no longer squelch when being deboned, they now rattle
- Animal Skeletons no longer drop Stringy Sinew.
- Marrow Dumplings now take Any Bone
- Mostly fixed a bug involving wrapping paper
- Increased Fine Leather Backpack inventory from 24 to 28
- For the helpful among you, added a new bug finder item - Bugpack! This will be given out similar to the bughat.

What's Next?:

- More Domesticated Animal Stuff
- Horses
- PvP adjustments
- Salvage
- Inheritance

No patch hat, but feel free to peruse the other fine offerings on the shop. Thank you for your support in its many forms and stay safe in the Lumberwoods! Happy Halloween!
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