2.2.9 - Heartburn

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2.2.9 - Heartburn

Postby MarpTarpton » Fri Feb 11, 2022 2:13 am

Tis the season of love, and it is with that love I made a patch for you <3


Marp Giveth

- Added Discord details to the website as well as a link directing players to it. The majority of the player base has gravitated away from our beloved forums in preference to discord. Hopefully this will direct new players from the website to the discord server to make new friends :)
- Added Daffodils and Peonies. There are two varieties of each and they can be found out in the wilderness and can be planted in herb pots.
- Added ability to destroy/salvage existing stoves so that you can UPGRADE. YOUR. STOVES! Note 1 - salvaging a stove with a stocking will destroy the stocking. Note 2 - You can't hand stockings on new stoves (yet).
- Added a new stove - Stone Stove. Meet the new stove, same as the old stove; this one functions just like the old stove except it now has a nifty smokestack, grate, and slightly modified recipe.
- Added a new stove - Brick Stove. More space for food and fuel. It burns longer so you don't have to!
- Last but not least, through the powers of ancient and elder forces, placing a stove is now "foolproof" though I trust the community will find a way to still be fools. No matter the specific rotation or placement of the stove, if it's roughly facing you and placed roughly on the hearthtiles, it will build properly without exact placement or client-sided hacks.
- (Stove placement was a big ole nasty mechanic since the dawn of Salem, and since I had to recreate the stove to fix it (or thought I did...), I decided to expand on the industry, incase anyone was wondering how/why this jumped up ahead of the roadmap. It all started as a bug fix :) Blame pistolshrimp.
- Adjusted all stove recipe foods (foods that you use the stove but don't put the food into the stove) to now have to be put INTO the stove.
- Buffed gluttony values of Bluebeary, Papricharred Charcuterie, Meatloaf, Windy Pooh, Sauce Chasseur, Cornmash Gobbler, and Aztec Abbatoir.
- Reduced FF timer on Meatloaf to 3 hours.
- Adjusted recipe of Sauce Chasseur
- Added some Vday stuff on His Majesty's stall.

Marp Taketh Away

- Removed ability to build the "Simple Stove". All existing Simple Stoves are legacy objects of a bygone era, but will remain otherwise identical to the Stone Stoves.
- Removed the old walking animation and added a new one. I hope it's not too jarring, but if so, I am willing to take another stab at it.
- I realize this isn't really a "taketh away" nerf style thing, but I didn't really nerf anything this time around except for arguably insta-cooking the above recipes, so I feel this will generate tears instead.

Bug Fixes:

- Increased the size of various pieces of player wall art (specifically those from the 2017 art contest).
- Changed verbiage on website for password reset form.
- Fixed references on e-mail responses for forgotten passwords/account restoration to feature Mortal Moments instead of Sea Tribe
- Added words to sourdough starter and winter wickerman.
- Updated icons for Snowball, Marp's Snowball, and Medium Trade Order
- Majestic Acorns and Big Reds can now go into their respectively appropriate sacks (you can also eat/cook with them, should you be inclined).

What's Next?:

- Delicious Beverages
- PvP adjustments
- Salvage
- Inheritance
- Horses

Please consider lending your support to the patch with the purchase of your very own Heart Derby. Chic, fashionable, and holiday-appropriate - don the love organ atop your head with this sweet hat!

And, if you haven't done so, please consider following Salem on our new Instagram Account
Procne wrote: Devs have again proven that they dont give a crap about untalented and lazy players.
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Re: 2.2.9 - Heartburn

Postby riker88 » Fri Feb 11, 2022 2:14 am

Thanks for the patch, i'm grateful to see the game being updated and shown some love once again..

I feel like Tabacco is underused, anyway to make it cheaper/easier to produce? Its the only cure to madness levels other than a teddy bear , should be easier to access for newbie players.
Also , can we make the Spanish Sabre auto switch to your hand when we press "Thrust", it seems to get lost in the toolbelt

Thanks in advance =)
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Re: 2.2.9 - Heartburn

Postby reeper_aut » Sat Feb 12, 2022 11:46 am

Very nice Patch (when)!

2 things i might add for next patch.
Maybe make a twitch channel for salem and stream (save) your streams there?
And plz take a look at shortcuts in crafting /buildin menue. Some are used double (flagpole and furniture for example)

p.s. plz take care of yourself. don't burn out like jc did back then!
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Re: 2.2.9 - Heartburn

Postby RainbowMoostache » Wed Mar 02, 2022 2:45 am

Great patch! Thank you for continuing the development and hope JC is doing well, wherever he is now.
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