Patch 2.3.0 - Quiet Before the Storm

Announcements of major changes to Salem.

Patch 2.3.0 - Quiet Before the Storm

Postby MarpTarpton » Mon Feb 26, 2024 2:28 am

Greeting Pilgrims,

As promised, I'm providing you with an early view of the patch notes for New Haven, which is scheduled to launch on Thursday, February 29th, which is definitely a real day. I expect that changes will be necessary and tweaks made along the way after the server launches. Also, as I know many of you hate reading all of the notes almost as much as most of you hate it when I leave out details I didn't intend to be secret, the notes are quite long. Anything with "***" has been marked in because I feel it is an important change that you REALLY oughta know about going into the new server. That's all for now, see you guys on Feb 29 (again, really a day).


=== New Stuff ===

Deep Swamp Biome
- Nasty, dense wetland featuring cypress trees and murky waters.
- Features Bog Iron boulders, a highly primitive iron ore.

Pine Forest Biome
- Dense coniferous biome introducing its namesake, the pine tree.
- Verdant and heavy with mossy boulders and mossy logs with new flora, fauna, and fungi.

Wilderness Smelter
- Early game iron smelter. Find and smelt "bog iron" ore to craft less effective iron bar to help pilgrims manage until digging a mine.
- Smelts 4 pieces of bog iron ore at a time. Upon completion, break apart to receive 1-2 bars!
- This smelter and its use is intended to replace or provide early-game iron and nails to rebalance the server and remove early-game silver from the play loop.
-- As such, iron, nails, and iron tools are no longer purchaseable from the NPC vendors in town.

- Players may now capture and raise domestic horses, which can answer to a pilgrim's summon or dismissal.
--- Horses can be summoned/dismissed with a special "Horse Whistle."
--- Horses can be told to Stay and will do so, lasting 1-6 hours at their location based on their temperament at the time of the command.
--- Horse rearing begins with finding a breaking a Wild Horse. To do this, using a rope, secure a wild horse in your base. You can then use a Wild Whip to encourage the horse toward domestication.
--- Wild horses in the process of being domesticated do not need to eat like domestic horses, cannot breed, and will persist (unlike other wild animals) as long as they have been trained recently with the whip.
- Two new varmints, each more adorable than the last, throughout all of the biomes.
- Geese have flocked to the New World and are rather tasty.
- New snake variant, the Cottonmouth. Found in wetter biomes, packs more of a punch and can swim.

- Players can now plant hedges on their Makeshift Fences. Hedge seeds can be found stashed in the world.

- Players can now build cellar entrances in their homes!
--- Basement size scales to the size of the home
--- Applies to most house worlds, excluding the Pilgrim's Hovel due to how small it is

Costume System
- The character equipory now includes buttons on the bottom to shw "Equipment" and "Costume"
-- Equipment is the standard equipped inventory screen, unchanged.
-- Costume is a limited new equipped inventory that allows you to equip special costume items to overlay existing equipped items.

=== Changes / Updates ===

*** Gluttony Overhaul:
- Upon entering "Gluttony Mode", a player may gobble any 10 items from any/each foodgroup during the session. Foods no longer lower a foodgroup's effectiveness/efficiency. There are no longer "restore" foods.
- All food values have been balanced/rebalanced, including FF timers. Many foods have been removed and some new ones added. Many recipes have been changed.
- Poultry foodgroup has been completely revamped.
- The Feasting Artifact category now increases the total amount of items per foodgroup you can gobble up to a max of 14.
- Eggs, Peppers, and Garlic provide additional, albeit smaller, variability and have been adjusted to correspond to various humors.

***Cash Shop Overhaul:
- I've spoken on this in detail on the Discord but, to recap:
-- The cash shop is now accessed solely from the client and features a UI checkout system to purchase goods using real-world currency.
-- Removed most offerings from the cash shop, other than silver and costumes
-- Costumes, items that can be equipped in costume slots, are now bound to the character account and can be resummoned at the mailman by any character of an account
-- Userbound items are not currently tradeable or transferable
-- The overhaul is the beginning and will continue to be added to as time moves on.

Horsing Around:
- Wild horses. Stats follow the existing livestock system. Productivity increases the riding speed of the horse.
- Horses run the risk of falling ill to Mad Cow Disease (named to avoid confusion) and have their own suppository.
- Players can craft a horse whistle.
- Right click a horse whistle onto a Stallion or Mare. This will attune the whistle to the horse, making it a steed.
- A horse can only be attuned to ONE whistle in its life. A whistle can only be linked to one horse. Losing the whistle bricks the steed.
- A steed can be summoned into the wilderness from wherever it is in the world by right clicking an attuned horse whistle and selecting summon.
-- You must leave enough space for the horse to be summoned - find a clearing, away from walls and objects.
- A steed can be dismissed back to the point from whence it was last summoned.
-- Again, it needs space to walk away.
- Both summoning and dismissing requires time based on skills the players possesses. In addition, there is a cooldown timer of one hour between summons and dismissals.

*** Inheritance:
- Players now inherit with 30% of the humors AND skills of their direct ancestor.
- To further regain both humors and skillls, players can speak with Pastor Paul in the Town Church, who every day generates a quest to bring items affiliated with the day's sermons to his humble mass.
- Bring Pastor Paul his required items in a timely manner, and you gain roughly 3% of the remaining difference between the descendent and the ancestor.
- Particularly strong ancestors require more items to satisfy Pastor Paul's requirements.
- After completing Pastor Paul's requests roughly 25 times, descendents will be made (mostly) whole to the value of their ancestors.

Item Bloat Reduction
- Maximum inventory size has been reduced from 1024 to 200.
- Various recipes have been reduced in terms of qty of items required (not including certain buildings) to adjust. Reducing bloat will be an ongoing project.

PVP Changes
- *** Theft is no longer a summonable crime
- *** Removed TbC
- *** Mortars no longer deal damage to TbF.
- *** TbF has had its area doubled. It now stretches forward AND backwards, for a total of 1000 (side to side) x 2000 (forward and backward) tiles.
- *** TbF cost increases per hour after 3 days of being up at a rate of += 2 silver per hour.
- *** TbF can no longer be destroyed by hand. Instead, the Trial pole now starts as being lit by fire. Dousing it causes it to take damage every 1 hour until destroyed (12 hours) or relit.
Relighting does not restore damage dealt.
- *** Players can no longer use compost bins, hay stacks, drying frames, whittlers benches, mannequins, or sawbucks as ammo in a mortar.
- *** Revenge scents now last 3 days (down from 7).
- *** Cost to steal an object off a claim increased to 200 YB and BB (up from 75 and 25, respectively).
- *** Cost to commit vandalism increased to 50 BB (up from 25).
- *** Soak added to chests, cupboards, and sheds.
- *** Trespassing no longer increases the alertness of braziers/torchposts.
- Increased the Black Bile cost of committing vandalism
- Removed blow darts and tubes.
- Players can no longer salvage catapults.
- Increased soak on mortars to roughly 100 phlegm to destroy.
- Decreased cost to build mortar.
- No more mortar multishot (bugfix)
- Obsidian and Little Lime boulders now deal way more on impact when launched from a catapult, rubble now deals way less.
- Reduced concussion debuff on successful hit by boulders from a catapult to 80% of previous value. Added ensnare debuff.
- The space required to build Torchposts has been increased.
- Increased size of baby brazier hit box.
- Increased cost of baby brazier to 5 pig iron bars (up from 2).
- Added new Combat Move - Psych Up. Trades Blood for Black Bile.
- Defensive towers (braziers, tps, etc) now deal themselves damage on a critical hit.

Misc Animal Stuff
- Removed motherbats
- Removed giant crickets
- Crows are killable and eatable.
- Domesticated Animals now have a chance to drop infected brains when sick.
- Renamed rattler meats to snake meats.
- Squirrels now drop varmint meat, as do other varmints, which emphasizes Yellow Bile when used in variable recipes.
- Female goats no longer lose their skin just because they die.

Misc Skill Stuff
- Removed Debasement

Misc Building Stuff
- Makeshift fences no longer splash.
- Adjusted recipe for mortar item.
- Changed sawbuck recipe
- Containers can no longer be locked (other than the metal chest)
- Added new building - stone tower

Misc Client Stuff
- The button that used to take you to the web-based java tutorial now takes you to the Wiki instead.

Misc Crafting Stuff
- *** Changed locks, and keys to change from iron to stone in crafting.
- Coonskin cap requires coon tail, increased slots from 2 to 3.
- Changed certain recipes to require "Any Iron"
- Players can now use teasels on clothing with any level of difficulty, not just 25.
- Adjusted ingredients for Wind Chime inspirational.

Misc Stuff Stuff
- *** Players no longer lose Inspiration when KOing.
- *** Pots now give out a max +8 bonus (down from infinite)
- *** Increased range that evidence can be gathered, changed animation
- *** Tiny pocket watches have been reverted to curiosities. Neither they nor their expedition counterparts increase speed.
- *** Players can no longer dry bat wings
- ***Bloodmoon no longer permakills a player who KO's beneath its evil red light.
- *** Clubbing's stun removed. Increased attack speed.
- Logging in while sleeping in a bed that has been claimed by an unfriendly claim now properly gives a warning upon logging in.
- Wild Onions and Wild Carrots now spawn as herbs.
- Updated clue model
- Changed standard opaque swamp tiles to be more solid, while their wet variants cause the player to wade. Changed which level of wetness spawns what herbs.
- Added clams, a shellfish that can be found in freshwater.
- Players can once again carry things and stuff while mounted
- Players can no longer uproot thorn bushes.
- SFX added to staircases
- Players are no longer obstructed by the Exit of mines
- Players can now pave over existing pavement (no longer need to dig it up). Removed phlegm cost from digging and reduced the dig time.
- Hay is now stockable and has had its dropres updated
- Woodblocks are now stockable
- Players can now craft tackleboxes
- Female characters now have a more ladylike tenor whilst screaming at the time of their death
- Players can now craft the flags of Korea and Wales
- Reduced insanity hit players expderience when butchering without a knife.
- Steeply reduced insanity upon seeing Hangman event, moved balance to hit when looting.
- Restored spookyredcaps to generating more than just 1 shroom upon harvest.
- Removed purgatives, for now, until I'm quite sure gluttony is balanced enough to tinker further.
- Rubble no longer counts as any stone
- Nerfed raided wagon map event - decreased barrel content volume
- Travel to Providence is now Travel to Colony Capitol
- Fixed bookshelves from being ugly
- Added wineracks
- Changed various NPCs and their offerings

Misc Bugfixes
- Fixed carryover info bug from carnberry sauce, added a return of items that can't be consumed from consuming foods
- Bugfix where bodies of fallen players who died while wading in shallow water were uninteractable. Now both shallow and deep water have unique KO/dead animations.'

- Players may need to clear/delete their cache folder in USER/.salem/ for certain HUD elements to appear properly.

The cash shop will launch with the opening of the New Server and there will be plenty of hats for you to choose from in order to support the patch and the game, with more to come. This has been a very big undertaking, and I really, REALLY hope it solves more than a few issues the game has experienced over the past 5-8 years so that development can continue to move on into uncharted directions. Be careful in the Lumberwoods, pilgrims! See you soon :)

Patch 1 -

Reduced veterinarian skills from Natp3130, Faith1890, Wild49440 to 2000, 1800, and 1500 respectively
Foodtrough ACTUALLY is gated behind horse riding
Wildhorses now spawn more naturally
Pagina tweak on Moss Masque
Added the fisherman NPC (but without his ability to turn in fish, that is under development still)
Reenabled the browser based cash shop until all of the custom client developers can find the time to update their clients to function with the system.
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