Patch 2.2.16 - Water Conservation Efforts

Announcements of major changes to Salem.

Patch 2.2.16 - Water Conservation Efforts

Postby MarpTarpton » Thu Jun 29, 2023 12:30 am

Greetings pilgrims,

After a bout of difficulty with my ISP and the wonders of fiber internet, two modems later, one router, and all the patience I could muster, development is once more firing on all cylinders (thank you Loftar). I had considered saving a few if not most of these changes for the new server, but figured some Prov love was deserved, especially the barrel changes as you'll see below. With that said, short of bugfixes or small things, this will be the last update to Providence for a while as I focus my attention on the new server. Without further adieu, I've been working and here's what's new:


Marp Giveth

- Players can now draw water directly from freshwater tiles while carrying a barrel overhead!!! Max initial draw is 100L.
- Players can now transfer substances from one object to another while holding the object.
- Removed the restriction on being unable to lift filled Big Barrels. Go nuts, kids.
- Herb Pots now use 20mL of water per harvest, down from 100mL, but still hold 100mL.

Marp Taketh Away

- Easter eggs have once more been disabled. Easter is dead, long live Easter!

Bug Fixes/Small Changes:

- Substances can once more be messed with whilst inside trade containers in Providence
- Tripled the value of corn husks used on hay stacks
- Characters now sink a bit into shallow water and swamps. This is in preparation for other things, but in the meantime, enjoy wading.
- Fixed the bugged starfish spawning. If you have buggy starfish, toss or keep them, but they are functionally useless :)

What's Next?:

- New Server

Per recent tradition, I've opted not to add a support hat in lieu of the new server opening and all that jazz. The hats will flow when the new server is here and I look forward to your playtesting and generosity at that time.
For now, thank you for hanging around and for you patience as I chug forward. Stay safe in the Lumberwoods!
Procne wrote: Devs have again proven that they dont give a crap about untalented and lazy players.
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Re: Patch 2.2.16 - Water Conservation Efforts

Postby elidmw » Sat Jul 01, 2023 9:17 pm

MarpTarpton wrote:
What's Next?:

- New Server

Hm, will it be World 3?
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Re: Patch 2.2.16 - Water Conservation Efforts

Postby CINAR » Fri Jul 07, 2023 6:29 pm

elidmw wrote:
MarpTarpton wrote:
What's Next?:

- New Server

Hm, will it be World 3?

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