Patch 2.2.11 - Free-Range Living

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Patch 2.2.11 - Free-Range Living

Postby MarpTarpton » Sat Jul 23, 2022 9:06 pm

Greetings Pilgrims,


It is with great pride that I present you with this, the latest in patches. As you'll see, my priority with this update has been to tackle the "issue" of livestock (as though there were only one :D ). Hopefully these changes make them more palatable and the prospect of raising them more rewarding as well. Thanks in particular to those individuals who allowed me to bounce ideas and who helped me test the various changes found below. This patch would not have been possible without your direct assistance.

Marp Giveth

- Livestock no longer have destructive fits when their Temperment is too high.
- Livestock no longer have a greater chance of getting sick outside just because it is a Coldsnap season.
- Livestock are (/should be, let me know if you find otherwise) only willing to breed outside during an Everbloom season. Baby juice still teleports, for now, so castrate and separate as needed.
- Livestock Pedigree UI has been adjusted so that high = good in all attributes. "Ornery" is now known as "Tranquility" and "Vulnerability" is now known as "Immunity". "Metabolism" is still called "Metabolism" if/until I can think of something better. There have also been minor adjustments to how these stats function as a result of having new equations, but by-and-large should ROUGHLY work the same. However, mostly as a refresher, here's how everything goes:

*Tranquility - determines initial Temperament (Temperament is UNCHANGED! 0 Temperament = Good, 100 Temperament = Bad)
- makes "happy" events (treats, mating, etc) more effective at adjusting Temperament (higher = more happy)
- makes "angry" events (witnessing death, castration, etc) less effective at adjusting Temperaments (higher = less angry)

*Immunity - determines whether or not an animal gets sick (higher = lower chance)
- determines whether or not a sick animal dies as a result of its sickness (higher = lower chance)

*Metabolism - determines how much food a creature eats (higher = less food)
- determines how often a creature tries to eat (higher = less often)

*Size - determines how much meat players can butcher from a creature (higher = more meats)

*Productivity - determines how much industry-related items you can source from a creature (higher = more products)

*Longevity - determines how long it will take for the creature to die naturally of "old age" (high = longer lived)

- Because players don't breed for Temperament, I'm inclined to leave it as is (low good, high bad) since it's not a bar/static value but something that changes over time. Let me know if this enrages you. Size, Productivity, and Longevity are unchanged with this patch.
- Existing livestock will likely have the first three attributes inversed in terms of usefulness. Apologies to the pedigrees that are nerf'd as a result of this change.
- Added new skill: Advanced Husbandry.
- Players can now Shoo! animals. Simply right-click on a healthy, living domesticated animal and shoo it out of your way.
- Players can now add silk to stockbins.
- Updated model for Flame Azalea and Iris Prismatica to be larger and more similar to other forageables.
- Buffed Slow Roast
- New item - Corn Slurry - useful and efficient to throw into livestock food troughs.
- Adjusted recipe for curry and scary stroganoff
- Winners of the Summer Cookout contest will receive their prizes by mail. The winning new food has been added to the game (though who would want to bother with trying to make such a thing, I can only imagine).

Marp Taketh Away

- Characters now require the Dairy Maid skill to milk domesticated animals.
- Nerf'd Spooky Redcaps

Bug Fixes:

- Saurkraut no longer considers itself to be Cranberry Sauce nor a Berry Food. Wrap your head around that one.
- Players can again make Lucky Die and Googly Glower.
- Buffed Undertaker Shovel. 2 ticks on dirt (unchanged), 3 ticks on sand/clay/snow (down from 4).
- Fixed a small, teensie little issue that had the values of Vulnerability (now Immunity) and Metabolism swapped in the UI window for all domesticated animals since their inception. Not sure how this will effect current animals, but very likely that they will swap.
- Characters can no longer milk sick cows.
- Players can now boil eagle eggs.

What's Next?:

- Delicious Beverages
- PvP adjustments
- Salvage
- Inheritance
- Horses


Should you be interested in spending more time outdoors with your kritters, please do consider supporting the patch with the purchase of a Sun Hat, perfect for those late summer afternoons spent gathering manure, sipping cold drinks, or wrangling cattle, not necessarily in that order. Also, I'll be retiring the Gnome Hat in a few days where it will be locked up in the Salem vault. So, if you haven't grabbed yours yet, be sure to do so!

Thank you for your support in its many forms and stay safe in the Lumberwoods!
Procne wrote: Devs have again proven that they dont give a crap about untalented and lazy players.
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Re: Patch 2.2.11 - Free-Range Living

Postby riker88 » Tue Jul 26, 2022 4:25 am

thanks for another patch marp.
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Re: Patch 2.2.11 - Free-Range Living

Postby Dexcius » Thu Jul 28, 2022 3:27 pm

Glad to see good game developing.
Thanks for another patch!
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Re: Patch 2.2.11 - Free-Range Living

Postby riker88 » Thu Jul 28, 2022 9:11 pm

question, does this mean I cant leave my animals in the barn 24/7? or they will not breed?
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Re: Patch 2.2.11 - Free-Range Living

Postby gorniksam » Fri Jul 29, 2022 2:46 am

pls stop
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Re: Patch 2.2.11 - Free-Range Living

Postby riker88 » Mon Aug 01, 2022 11:37 pm

gonna say that's a yes
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