The Morlocks are now recruiting on Plymouth

Existing groups and towns recruit here.

The Morlocks are now recruiting on Plymouth

Postby Morlock » Fri Apr 19, 2013 9:04 am

I saw that they were dwarfed, deformed hairy devils or apes-monstrous and diabolic caricatures of the monkey tribe. The object was nauseous; a filthy whitish gorilla thing with sharp yellow fangs and matted fur. It was the ultimate product of mammalian degeneration; the frightful outcome of isolated spawning, multiplication, and cannibalistic nutrition above and below the ground.

Salutations my Eloi Meat Sacks,
I have traveled many miles from deep,dark places of the earth to bring you this message.

Due to losing a few of our number for different reasons we have decided to open our ranks for recruitment.
We are a group of friends from EVE but different obligations have forced some of us apart.

Our main interest right now will be testing the new mechanics that keep dropping each week, including the joyous purity grind.
All Infrastructure is in place so expect that once you are vetted you can jump right into the thick of things.
We do not hoard, we use. What we don't use we immediately alt vault. Live it, learn it, love it.
We are not involved in the political scene of Plymouth, nor do we wish to be at this time.
Mines! Almost everything we do will be in the dark places where the filthy sun loving Eloi dare not tread.

We are just looking to get another good group of people together - the game is much more fun in a group then alone is it not?
We use Raidcall, Skype, and eventually a number to text will be required for emergency situations.

-Expect to live outside the walls for some time doing what you can to contribute during the vetting process.


-Salem Experience:
-Raiding Experience?
-PvP/Combat Experience?
-What role do you intend to play within the village?
-Do you have a mic?

I look forward to hearing from you.
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Re: The Morlocks are now recruiting on Plymouth

Postby Morlock » Mon Apr 22, 2013 7:44 am

Bump. We are still looking for more.
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Re: The Morlocks are now recruiting on Plymouth

Postby dracamancer » Fri May 10, 2013 7:41 pm

-IGN: Garron. Though I mainly use Nr.Draca47 but since this game requires multi chars so I guess naming is not that important.

-Age: 22 yrs old

-Skype: Yes, and Ventrilo.

-Salem Experience: Played in CB, quit in a week. Back now and I m hoping to stay long enough as I m pretty bored of FPS and continuous grinding games. Salem requires grinding but in different forms, so I dont think it bore me up. I played H&H a bit, had a bad experience with a group, so I left.

-Raiding Experience?: No

-PvP/Combat Experience?: In salem or H&H, no except for timber rattlers and rabbits :P. In other MMO's, yes a lot.

-What role do you intend to play within the village?: Primary: Warrier/Miner/Seaman; Secondary: Any role as you require, forager etc.

-Do you have a mic?: Yes

-Other Info:
Hi, I m a hardcore gamer and going to be an engineer in half a month, atm my exams are going on until 22nd May. I can be irregular and next month I will be looking for a job. My timezone is GMT +5:30, no matter I will be gaming most of the time and also studying for my future entrance exams. I only do two things or later three; Study, Game and Job(later). Everything else is useless. I will be available anytime during evening hours(7pm-1am) as per my timezone. I am sure even if I m irregular, I will an asset for you guys and never do anything to betray the village/town/settlement. :)
PS: If I have missed anything, do ask on pm
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