The Federal Republic of Khodemia [Jamestown]

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The Federal Republic of Khodemia [Jamestown]

Postby Dellion » Thu Mar 14, 2013 11:28 pm

The idea is to start a federal republic on the server Jamestown named Khodemia. The goal is to work together to improve the territory of the republic, and the economics (by offering cheaper trade goods for members of the republic) What the republic would do exactly is hard to tell, as the ''federal'' part shows that it will not be ruled by 1 person. It will be ruled by a consul, who will need support from the provinces to do what he/she wants.

The Khodemian flag


- You may not attack other members of the republic nor towns outside the republic. Attacks on towns can be suggested to the consul.
- There will be a military duty. You can be asked for help in an attack (you won't have to answer to the request. It may be smart though, It will improve your standing in the republic and there may be a lot to gain when the town is raided with succes) , when however the republic is fighting a defensive war you are always called to war against the attacker. When you don't have the ability to attack other players yet you are expected to help at other ways. Scouting the area, getting resources for defences or other things. There's always something you can do.
- You may not have contact with enemies of the republic. Especially trading with enemies will not be tolerated and will be punished. When you can pay a fine it will be handled that way, if not you will be banned from the republic and members will be able to attack you without any consequences. When breaking any other rules this will be done too.
- When you leave the republic you will have to pay a small price based on your type of rank in the republic. Towns will pay more then just a person leaving the republic. Exact prices will be made with the leaders of the first republic.
- There will be no national tax, and by the law of the republic provinces have to always vote against a national tax (when this is for example suggested by the leader of the republic) When by bribing or other ways a national tax is made by the leader of the republic, the republic will be declared corrupt and people then have the right to attack the leader. The leader loses it's claim on the republic and the remaining provinces will decide a new leader. The person they decide should be leader will be the new official consul of the republic. People that are still supporting the old consul may be attacked without consequences. This also is the case when the leader tries to annex a member province or county or breaks any other mayor laws.
- The consul will pay a small amount of money to the national storage and bank, this amount isn't decided yet. But it will not be that much, and it will be used for various goals, but mainly to pay defensive wars or lend money to provinces

(Keep in mind that the rules regarding trading aren't finished yet, it won't be that drastic though.)

Explanation ranks
1. Consul - The consul has the highest rank and can form new laws. The provinces need to decide wheter they agree or they vote against the law. He also is leader of the army and may attack other towns outside the republic.
2. Province - A province exists out of 2 parts, a town and the area around it: the claim. The claim defines the province borders (it won't be only an ingame claim, but we will make it on the worldmap and we hope to get a full map of the provinces and borders of the republic) the major of a town has full controll over this area, he/she may even make their own laws (if not against the national laws) that way it could be possible that in parts of the republic you have to pay a tax, but not everywhere since there will be no national tax. A major has the power to vote on ideas made by the leader of the republic. He/she may also be elected leader.
3. County - A county is a personal claim. These people will have the right to vote for a major as leader of the republic, but may not chosen themselves. They can suggest an military action to the consul of the republic. When provoked or attacked he/she need to say it as fast as possible to one of the majors or the consul as this is a defensive war help will be send as fast as possible and provinces may send army without having to ask the consul.

We are recruiting:
Every non-treaty payer.

To join the republic, please say so in this topic or even better: pm me, i'll contact you back with further information as soon as possible.

Long story short, do you want defence under the Khodemian flag? Do you want to be part of something new, something that doesn't slow down the progress of their members. Please send me a message if you are interested.

For more information or questions, please send a PM.

- Dellion
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Re: The Federal Republic of Khodemia [Jamestown]

Postby AAlex » Fri Mar 29, 2013 12:09 pm

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