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MM Tribe Recruiting (3) Spirit Guides

PostPosted: Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:20 am
by jwhitehorn
Greetings Filthy Squatters of Salem,
In the lands of Salem the life of a Brave and the destiny he chooses is tied to all life forms in the lands. A loud or noisy Brave may ignore or miss the simple and subtle warnings that nature provides. For example, it is said that when the mighty Chief is about to die, moments before he draws his last breathe and departs the world of Salem forever, that he will be visited by the spirit of an owl. We know this tale to be true because there are no Owls in Salem.

However, the MM Tribe cannot exist without the support of Mother Nature no more than Mother Nature can survive without the Tribe. In an effort to increase the bond and harmony with Nature the MM Tribe will be searching the lands both far and wide for (3) Spirit Guides. We know these Spirit Guides exist because we can feel their presence just as their can feel ours. They too long for Balance and Justice and together with the aid of my Braves we shall be unstoppable! The requirements of the Spirit Guides are below:

The Mighty Armadillo

*Capable of creating a steady stream of the best armors available in the lands.
*Capable of slotting these armors with the best artifice in the land.
*Capable of sniffing out and/or Acquiring a steady stream of Whispering Snake Skulls
*Excited to provide the Braves of the Tribe with the armor and items required to be the best equipped warriors on the field of battle.

The Mighty Tortoise

*Capable of creating impenetrable defenses. Granite for now. Iron for Iron walls later
*Capable of creating top tier defense towers and braziers in mass
*Excited to see the day the Tribal Lands themselves become under Siege and up to the challenge to ensure they survive for generations to come.

The Mighty Honey Badger

*Capable of creating the materials required for constant use of Waste Claims (Dry Boards/Oiled Board)
*Thirsts for the excitement from each raid and each scalp made possible the tenacity of his production of required siege mechanic goods

Spirit Guides are NOT required to complete a Vision Quest nor are they required to live in Tribal Lands. The relationship between the Tribe and its Spirit Guides is symbiotic and essential for the well-being of Mother Nature. A Spirit Guide need only know in its heart that a future Salem without the Tribe means no future for Justice at all. As for the Pros:

*A Spirit Guide enjoys all the luxuries of a Treaty Payer without the silver cost.
*A Spirit Guide may summon the might of the Braves and the Tribe in times of emergency.
*A Spirit Guide may converse directly with all members of the Tribal Council.
*A Spirit Guide shall be given access to the Fruits of the Tribal Cloning Centers and shall be eligible for access to Legendary Items

The Tribe will only be searching for ONE of each Spirit Guide at this moment in time. Please submit the following application to the Chief in Forum PM if you have been looking for us as long as we have been looking for you:

Forum Name:
Current Humours:
Current skills not learned:
Salem Start Date:
Weekly Commitment to Salem (hrs):
Spirit Guide(s) your interested in:

Chief PeePooKaka
MM Tribe

Re: MM Tribe Recruiting (3) Spirit Guides

PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:20 pm
by AAlex
Moved to the The Colonial Charter.

Re: MM Tribe Recruiting (3) Spirit Guides

PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 10:54 pm
by jwhitehorn
These Positions have now moved to the next stage of the application process which is a live interview with the council. CONGRATULATIONS to those who made it to that stage. For those who did not you have received a message as well and are encouraged to keep trying! The wealth and glory of affiliation with the Tribe is worth the effort!

Chief PeePooKaKa
MM Tribe

Re: MM Tribe Recruiting (3) Spirit Guides

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:22 am
by jwhitehorn
Updated to Spirit Guide positions to reflect their availability to use Legendary goods.

Also All (3) of these positions were originally filled but with the lack of updates our Spirit Guides life forces have been waining. We are open to additional applications for Spirit Guide positions.

Chief PeePooKaKa
MM Tribe