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Dungeons and Resources

Postby Nasynder » Tue Jun 22, 2021 12:26 pm

There is no reasons for going outside your walls. We have random events on map like eagle nest/ hangman/ whale or rainbow but besides that there is no reason for going outside your walls. So making Strategic resources which you will need for higher tier buildings or walls or even higher tier tools. By making it a random event on the map no static resource sitting always in one play ( this would just end up in walled resource and claimed with 1kx1k pclaim) more ppl would want to explore map to find this stuff. Making skill to tack it similiar to how Tracking works and mechanic which involves building a specific building which will gather this resource after 6hours (destroying this resource in the proces and destroying this building and Pclaim which was overlaping this area). Something like this can be fun and encourage more pvp between players.

Second idea is similiar to previous one. Dungeon will spawn somewhere on the map similiar to strategic resources ( cant spawn on pclaim but cannot be claimed or has its own Dungeon claim 100x100 so if you want to wall it you can but how much time and resources will this will require to wall something like this oooor maybe dungeon will just terraform terrain so it will have hills everywhere and few roads leading to entrance so onoone will even think about flatening this) this dungeon is moslty PvE content where you have to beat mobs inside and get to the end like in all dungeons so at the end there will be boss which can be beat by punching it or maybe you have to interact somehow with enviroment. After defeating him you will get rare resource or weapon or something to upgrade our clothing like artifact. or to encourage Mains to get out of their base. Boost to biles or proficiencies which can only be applied inside this dungeon or being able to learn one of the dungeon specific skills ( req: more then 200 in specific prof so only mains will be able to learn it) which will allow you to craft more tools/ build more QoL buildings/ more clothing etc etc. and if you get all of this dungeon skills you can learn special skill which does something awesome. When you gather rewards you will be able to exit this dungeon from End boss exit( this will tp you to random place near entrance or just to entrance ) but this dungeon will colapse after 5 min killing everyone inside and if dungeon teraformed terrain to be have more hills, colapsing would then reset this terrain to seeded state. idea behind this stuff is to again encourage more pvp between players when they will be trying to finish this dungeon.

Both this ideas wont work on current state of the game where new palyers have to spend 6 months of they live to be able to participate in pvp. Before someone will say that this wont work on current size of map. you will have skill to track this places and even if this would end up in 20% of times end up with pvp i would still say it served its purpose
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Re: Dungeons and Resources

Postby gorniksam » Thu Jun 24, 2021 10:16 pm

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Re: Dungeons and Resources

Postby Taipion » Thu Jun 24, 2021 11:16 pm

I'd rather mention the idea of strategically valuable points on the salem map.

That could be towns that can be claimed and fought for, and offer bonuses to anyone holding it.

Some examples:

- a mine (some mining camp) that gives x bars of gold/silver to anyone holding it, just claim it to keep others out
- same for any other valuable resource

- a trading town having npcs offering various ever changing rare items and maybe some player trading area like an auction house,
the area itself is unclaimable and safe (as safe as provi),
nearby is a "trading company hq" that can be claimed and fought for,
whoever holds the hq can restrict access to the town and receives a % of the trades done there

- some especially fertile land, being one coherent patch of maybe 2k x 2k tiles of land where any field planted or pot grown yields x additional flat bonus,
can be claimed and fought for like any other piece of land

- (after removing excessive game trails) a piece of land similar to the above, but with vastly more animal spawns, could be several small areas for light/dark whereas each specialises in spawning a certain type of animal

could involve new skills and tools to track / recognise those places
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