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JoshNPK's Amazing Categorised Custom Radar

Postby joshnpk » Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:09 pm

Dear fellow Pilgrims.

I present to you my amazing categorised custom Radar. I've recently returned to Salem after a bit of a break and installed Taipions client. Client is great but I didn't like how the radar was configured so customised it to my liking and thought I'd share it with all you lovely people.

The categories are:

Players - As is by default in custom client.

Darkness Animals - Includes Rats, Bats, giant bats, Darkenbears etc.

Scary Animals - Bears, Cougars and Timber Rattlers.

Farm Animals - I Stole this from Heffernan, however, it was not easy to get hold of the code due to him hiding it in his heart. Thankfully KuKu lives in there so she kindly let me in to retrieve it, so thanks for the help.

Seems to work as the two sheep I've found in the wild showed up as intended. I don't have any farm animals though so If it's missing any of them please let me know.

Nice Animals - Every animal that won't agro you.

Kritters - Things like slugs and caterpillars as well as Salamanders etc.

Mushrooms - All the mushrooms in one category, instead of being split between two like they are by default with the custom client.

Forageables - Everything from blackberries to stray chestnuts.

Flowers - All the wild flowers are here except for daisy's and prickly cactus. Sunny sunflowers and not either due to me not being able to find them in salem-res. They still show on the mini map though you just can't toggle them off.

Rares - Indian arrow heads, Feathers, singing old logs, etc.

Stones - Will show granite boulders as well as flint, smooth stone etc.

Bushes - Will show blackberry bushes, cranberry bushes, thorn bushes and Myrtle Oak bushes.

Grass - As name suggests.

Custom - As is by default in custom client.

I was going to enable the animal icons but then I did and remembered how terrible they are so I reverted back to the diamond icons. I did however change some of the colours a bit as for instance I found deer's blended with forest biomes to much. I also gave all darkness creatures a unique colour.

If you don't like the category's that show by default just change show from true to false or vice-versa in the radar file.

Thanks to Ender, Latikai, and Taipion. You are all awesome.

Below is the code. Simpy go into your salem file in users, open radar.xml with notepad++, delete everything and then copy and paste the code below in its place save it and you're good to go.

Code: Select all
<!-- Players -->
<group name="players" show="true">
   <marker pattern="gfx/borka/body" shape="circle" text="Player" color="#FF4040" />

<!-- Darkness Animals -->
<group name="darkness animals" show="true" showicon="false" shape="diamond" tooltip="true" color="#ffff00" order="100">
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/argopelter/.+" text="Argopelter" color="#af4949" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/rat/.+" text="Rat" color="#000000" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/hydrukey/.+" text="Hydrukey" color="#4b4b8c" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/wishpoosh/.+" text="Wishpoosh" color="#476bad" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/furfur/.+" text="Furfur" color="#e59363" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/quetzalcoatl/.+" text="Quetzalcoatl" color="#21ffc0" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/squonk/.+" text="Squonk" color="#adff21" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/darkenbear/.+" text="Darken Bear" color="#9b1212" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/lumberlord/.+" text="Lumber Lord" color="#086d30" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/marchhare/.+" text="March Hare" color="#2bf4ff" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/bat/.+" text="Bat" color="#070942" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/giantbat/.+" text="Giant Bat" color="#010219" />

<!-- Scary Animals -->
<group name="scary animals" show="true" showicon="false" shape="diamond" tooltip="true" color="#ffff00" order="100">
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/bear/.+" text="Bear" color="#e34444" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/cougar/.+" text="Cougar" color="#fb3fff" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/rattler/.+" text="Timber Rattler" color="#22ff22" />

<!-- Farm Animals -->
<group name="farm animals" show="true" showicon="false" shape="diamond" tooltip="true" color="#ffff00" order="75">
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/goatmale/.+" text="Female Goat" color="#f7bd36" />
    <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/pigfemale/.+" text="Female Pig" color="#f7bd36" />
    <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/sheepfemale/.+" text="Female Sheep" color="#f7bd36" />
    <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/kid/.+" text="Kid" color="#f7bd36" />
    <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/piglet/.+" text="Piglet" color="#f7bd36" />
    <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/goatfemale/.+" text="Female Goat" color="#f7bd36" />
    <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/lamb/.+" text="Lamb" color="#f7bd36" />
    <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/calf/.+" text="Calf" color="#f7bd36" />

<!-- Nice Animals -->
<group name="nice animals" show="false" showicon="false" shape="diamond" tooltip="true" color="#ffff00" order="25">
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/cricket/.+" text="Cricket" color="#aaffaa" order="25"/>
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/rabbit/.+" text="Rabbit" color="#ffffee" order="25"/>
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/turkey/.+" text="Turkey" color="#5e4bd8" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/deer/.+" text="Deer" color="#ba5012" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/beaver/.+" text="Beaver" color="#6091ea" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/spider/.+" text="Spider" color="#ffff00" />

<!-- Kritters -->
<group name="kritters" show="true" showicon="true" shape="diamond" tooltip="true" color="#ffff00" order="50">
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/crab/.+" text="Crab" color="#26C166" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/squirrel/.+" text="Squirrel" color="#ffff00" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/butterfly/.+" text="Butterfly" color="#ffff00" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/frog/.+" text="Frog" color="#ffff00" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/turtle/.+" text="Turtle" color="#62d659" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/kritter/salamander/.+" text="salamander" color="#1921d3" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/virginiasnail" text="Virginia Snail" color="#ffffb3" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/caterpillar" text="Caterpillar" color="#ffff00" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/leech" text="Leech" color="#ffff00" />

<!-- Mushrooms -->
<group name="mushrooms" show="true" shape="circle" tooltip="true" color="#ffff00">
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/witchshroom" text="Witch's Hat" color="#696969" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/waxingtoadstool" text="Waxing Toadstool" color="#99E655" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/Morel" text="Morel" color="#ffffb3" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/sugarcap" text="Sugar Caps" color="#eecc88" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/lavenderblewit" text="Lavender Blewit" color="#2F35F5" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/lobstermushroom" text="Lobster Mushroom" color="#FF8000" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/spookyredcap" text="Spooky Redcap" color="#99E655" />

<!-- Forageables -->
<group name="Forageables" show="false" shape="circle" tooltip="true" color="#ffff00">
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/seaweed" text="Seaweed" color="#00bd97" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/huckleberry" text="Huckleberries" color="#5F6699" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/blackberry" text="Blackberries" color="#aaff00" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/crowberry" text="Crowberry Stalk" color="#5F6699" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/wildgarlic" text="Wild Garlic" color="#FFF700" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/lilypad" text="Lilypad Bulb" color="#9966E6" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/milkweed" text="Milkweed Roots" color="#33E677" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/coarsesalt" text="Coarse Salt" color="#eeeeee" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/oakworth" text="Oakworth" color="#44E644" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/honeysucklekudzu" text="Honeysuckle Kudzu" color="#ee82ee" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/chestnut" text="Stray Chestnut" color="#66E633" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/oyster" text="Oyster" color="#66E633" />

<!-- Flowers -->
<group name="flowers" show="true" shape="circle" tooltip="true" color="#ffff00">
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/devilwort" text="Devil's Wort" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/peyote" text="Peyote" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/clover" text="Clover" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/cloverfour" text="Clover Four" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/fiddlehead" text="Fiddlehead" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/flameazalea" text="Flame Azalea" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/frostflower" text="Fickle Frozen Frost Flower" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/irisprismatica" text="Iris Prismatica" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/ladysslipper" text="Ladys Slipper" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/mayapple" text="Mayapple" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/redtrillium" text="Red Trillium" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/shootingstar" text="Shooting Star" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/springbeauty" text="Spring Beauty" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/troutlily" text="Trout Lily" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/turkscap" text=" Turks Cap" color="#ED4444" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/wildcolumbine" text="Wild Columbine" color="#ED4444" />

<!-- Rares -->
<group name="rares" show="true" shape="circle" tooltip="true" color="#ffff00" order="75">
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/arrowhead" text="Indian Arrowhead" color="#008Eaa" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/indianfeather" text="Indian Feather" color="#33ffdd" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/tumbleweed" text="Tumbleweed" color="#885A06" />   
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/oldlog" text="Singing Old Log" color="#FF5533" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/driftwood" text="Aged Driftwood" color="#ff3355" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/newworldgourd" text="New World Gourd" color="#ff9955" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/seashell" text="Beautiful Seashell" color="#ff3355" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/cowskull" text="Cow Skull" color="#ff3355" />

<!-- Stones -->
<group name="stones" show="false" shape="circle" tooltip="true" color="#ffff00">
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/bumling/bumling-granite" text="Granite Boulder" color="#CA6700" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/lime" text="Lime" color="#ffb814" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/flint" text="Flint" color="#aeaece" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/granite" text="Granite" color="#CA6744" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/smoothstone" text="Smooth Stone" color="#eeeeee" />

<!-- Bushes -->
<group name="bushes" show="false" shape="circle" tooltip="true" color="#ffff00">
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/blackberrybush" text="Blackberry Bush" color="#7647B3" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/cranberry" text="Cranberry Bush" color="#fc498a" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/myrtleoak" text="Myrtle Oak" color="#00a030" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/thornbush" text="Thorn Bush" color="#602f04" />

<!-- Grass -->
<group name="grass" show="false" shape="square" tooltip="true" color="#ffff00">
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/herbs/autumngrass" text="Autumn Grass" color="#bab080" />

<!-- Custom -->
<group name="custom" shape="square" show="true" tooltip="true">
   <marker pattern="gfx/terobjs/mineentrance" text="Mine entrance" color="#999999" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/leanto" text="Leanto" color="#000000" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/minepoint-iron" text="IronPoint" color="#FFFFFF" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/minepoint-copper" text="CopperPoint" color="#BBBB22" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/wellpoint" text="WellPoint" color="#00FF00" />
   <marker match="gfx/terobjs/claim" text="Claim" color="#555555" />
   <marker match="gfx/fx/clue" text="Scent" color="#00ff00" />
   <marker pattern="gfx/terobjs/items/.+" color="#ffaaff"/>
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