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Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

Postby Taipion » Mon Nov 08, 2021 12:52 am

Plugins! Plugins everywhere! #2

As promised, here comes the next plugin,
also as promised, an old friend, but with a twist!

New Plugin: PickupPlugin
- by default (mode #1), it is just like latikais pickup plugin,
- except when you stand on a pile of items (all on the exact same location as your char, like, when you dropped them),
then it will pick up all of them

- can be interrupted with the plugin hotkey/button

- 2 other modes of operation (!), switch by holding any item in hand and activate the plugin (like my distiller plugin), it will tell you in system chat what it's currently doing
- mode #2: pick up a skeleton out of the closest stack of skeletons, like, if you inherited a lot and they piled up at the leanto
- mode #3: pick up an animal out of a stack of dead animals
(if you have ever tried to do #2 or #3 manually, you know how serious that is)

Plugin Download Here
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Re: Custom client by Taipion (based on Latikais/Enders)

Postby Taipion » Wed Nov 17, 2021 5:24 pm

MOAP² (Mother Of All Performance Patches)
and Hotkeys!

New Feature: Hotkeys!
I'm calling this a new feature, as it is all new!
Unfortunately, if you used the old hotkeys, they are gone, but you can still see them if you run latikais client.
There are a bunch of default hotkeys to give you a rough idea what is possible.
Noteworthy things:
- whole new UI with all comfortable and functional stuff
- unlimited hotkeys
- overwrite ANY key, even WASD if you really want to (can still use arrow keys for movement)
- very powerful with the ":x" command (!)

The ":x" command explained, again, because it is now even better with the new hotkeys:
- You can call almost everything with ":x ..." whereas ... is what you want, be it recipes, combat stuff, emotes, plugins,...
- use ":x show ..." to search for ... like ":x show bullrun" to see the full name of it, in System Chat
- use ":x ..." to call something, like ":x bullrun" for activating bullrun, no need to type the full name, shortest match wins

Friendly reminder you can also use hotkeys to put certain cams on a key, with parameters!
type ":help" ingame and look for the cams part,
from that help:
:cam [cam name, like sortho, best, sucky] (distance) (angle) (elevation) (scroll-speed-multiplier)
enter angle and elevation in degrees (�)
if you want to skip a value, put an "x" there instead
example= :cam sucky 200 270 x 10
so this example would give you the smooth freestyle cam (sucky),
with distance = 200, angle (left-right) = 270�, elevation (up-down) is x so default, and a scroll speed multiplier of 10
Find cam names in the cams config in Options/Camera&Graphics -> Cam Config (!)

Performance: Dead Animals
- Dead animals used to cost a lot of cpu/performance, no more!
- Dead animals will stay dead now, and do not repeat their death animal any time you load them!
- Dead animals that were not already dead upon loading, still play their death animation as usual, and enter "save performance mode" afterwards

Performance: Smoke (Cementation Furnace)
- The Cementation Furnace smoke used to outright KILL fps, even having a few would already be bad... no more!
- The smoke is now moving slower (after building up) an less dense
- The smokes speed is tied to fps, so it stays stable no matter how you adjust the fps, or how many fps you can achieve, client being un-focused and all that...

Upgrade: ":x"-command
The ":x" command without parameters used to just call the xtended menu from anywhere, which was already neat.
Now it also browses through the pages of the xtended menu, if it is already open, and it has more than one page.

New Feature: Open All Non-Empty-Sacks (and egg baskets)
We already had: ALT+RightClick to open all sacks of the same type as the clicked one (or egg baskets) inside a container,
like, open all those same sacks inside the shed/chest/cupboard...
Now added: ALT+LeftClick will do exactly the same, but closes all sacks that are empty.
Both commands open sacks in the exact same order, left to right, then top to bottom, so maintaining a neat sack-shed is now easier than ever!

New QoL: Move-Same-% now independent of picky-alt
ALT-click on anything other than sacks or egg baskets issues the same command as SHIFT-ALT-Click,
except it only transfers the exact same %,
which is useful for sorting compost bins, ore, stuff...
It used to only work if the picky-alt option was set, now it's independent of that.

New QoL: SmartSpace and Grapes
Changed SmartSpace so it will target grapes on makeshift fence instead of the fence, if applicable.

New QoL: Shop Shovel
Added Undertake Shovel to the auto-equip-shovel-function for when you destroy a stump.
Note: I am still looking to buy an undertakes shovel (or an undertakers pack), please pm me on discord or here if you have one! ^^

Bug Fixes: This time as a list, as there's a bunch...
- Fixed a bug in the auto-equip-shovel functionality, that is used when destroying stumps. It should be much more reliable now.
- Fixed ":inv" to never make the player char invisible in this way, as that'd crash the client, use ":p" instead to toggle player visibility safely.
- Fixed Signs (the sign you can build and write text on) crash on more than 2340 characters. Input is now simply limited to that number. Note that the maximum number of characters allowed to actually put on a sign is only like 150.
- The sound you can set for the buff-alert was not properly persisted (saved), now it is.
- Fixed a bug with "toggle mute all audio / CTRL+9" when using multiple client windows, that could lead to "saving" zero values as default.
- Fixed a bug with SmartSpace and "remove all animations"-option and mounts, it does not crash anymore, but due to how it works,
SmartSpace will be pretty useless while mounted, if and only if you also use "remove all animations" at the same time.

As always, get the update by running the updater.jar of your choice (first post of this thread) or getting the tsalem.jar directly (again, first post / github).

And as always, I'm looking for feedback and ideas of all kinds! Also taking donations to support client development. ^^ Got some? Here's a pretty good place for them. ;)
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