Pclaim/Townclaim/Challenge Authority Permission Bug

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Re: Pclaim/Townclaim/Challenge Authority Permission Bug

Postby Judaism » Mon May 20, 2019 10:54 pm

Heffernan wrote:
Judaism wrote:Cool to argue about mechanics which we experienced and used over 5 years ago.

But yes, back in 2015 orso when we were having a perm poopclaim base at Darwoth's place he stated that it was intended.

what does a pema poopclaim, have to do with this? this is being unable to poopclaim someone forever...

Exactly this was his reaction back then. Perhaps read up some old threads maybe you'll learn some game mechanics.

But in case you forgot, he walled his entire base off with a 400x400 fence under pclaims, set-up mazes so in theory you still would have acces to poopclaim and poopclaimed himself for days with minimal authority loss nearly 24/7 for weeks.

If the town with the authority actually puts in the effort, like any other mechanics with the mind-set of the current game you cannot raid, poopclaim or whatever the ***** you want to do in this game. Without commiting crimes and ''giving up' your chars to a TBC.

Been there, done that and its why I haven't really touched this game since late 2015 (minus the expeditions).
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Re: Pclaim/Townclaim/Challenge Authority Permission Bug

Postby Dallane » Sun May 26, 2019 3:49 pm

1. This isn't a exploit and marp straight up told you its working as intended.
2. I'm happy to see new players are finally experimenting with the pvp side of the game.
3. Don't publicly post exploits here. Send a PM to marp or a lesser extent me and I'll be sure to remind both marp and JC about it when they are available.
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