Where is JC?

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Re: Where is JC?

Postby TheDuke86 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:42 pm

Dallane wrote:
TheDuke86 wrote:I can’t speak for you, but myself and those I talked to had a blast with the expedition.

Thats one of the problems with this game and haven. Early game is amazing and then you get settled in and grind then it gets boring if you don't keep up with the sandbox. Haven is able to keep the game somewhat fresh with how often they are able to add new stuff to play with.

New players would be amazing to see but look at the recent post of new players finding the game difficult to deal with. Salem is a fairly harsh game by todays standards.

I agree. I think Haven and Salem suffer greatly with endgame, think once a faction becomes to powerful the server dies. Haven in every regard except end game to me, is more fun and packed with great content. The main contributed for me not playing is it is basically impossible to compete with titans or people that have farmed 1000q carrots lol. Despite how powerful Kuku and her pols are, is they can still be killed or downed by a young active group(but un-raidable due to raid mech) there are more checks against titans in Salem as Oppose to Haven IMO. Both amazing games are fun though.

Few things really hurt the game imo. The raid changes of a few years back, increase of un-fun chores, toxic community and now abuses to mechanics as mentioned to Heffs post.

The first two come from trail and error, just be around to fix it. I’m patient with the devs as I know it’s a small team that dose it as a hobby for fun. Kill the fun for them, kill the desire to work on the hobby. Which is why I wish the Nerd Lords to chill the ***** out. People should voice their opinions but at the same time I think I bit more strict modding of forums would be helpful. Abuse of mechanics is totally avoidable. Ban hammer doesn’t have to come out, just fix the bug.

Game should be harsh and unforgiving, but should be fun and mechanics should serve a bigger purpose to the game. Fun is the point of a game, and new players is the life blood of a game. Just my thoughts
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Re: Where is JC?

Postby Lihz » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:31 pm

Why has this game just not yet gone free of all requirements

Amwer: hopeless dev.

Just give it up for a few $ and let someone take over.
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Re: Where is JC?

Postby campercamper » Wed Nov 21, 2018 3:58 pm

It would be nice if they would atleast sell the game to someone so it can be revived.
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