Tree Diseases

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How many tiles should Tree Disease Spread?

2 so I can still make woods in my base.
3 so I can have a pot or beehive next to them and still squeeze by
4 so that orchards are spread out and fruit is more valuable.
5 because board piles spacing is how the cool kids do it.
6-8 because bases should be for infastructure and trees should be speckled about like town border stones.
10+ because I want to watch the world burn.
Total votes : 125

Re: Tree Diseases

Postby Kandarim » Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:56 pm

especially because this seems to address an issue that was only introduced because of a 'fix' to an issue that nobody really had. I didn't hear that much complaints about the randomness of orchards, as that was non-existent for 'large enough' orchards (I considered the randomness in mine to be really okay, and it only has 200 trees total, 49 each for the glutton pot ingredient fruits).
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Re: Tree Diseases

Postby Adelewhy » Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:24 pm

Kandarim wrote:If they are still up so high, what is wrong with the other recipes?

Any recipes that compare statwise require rare items.. .example.. jalapenos, gourds, golden acorns, etc. Some of us have real lifes and need to spend time there instead of constantly grinding for rare items on Salem.

Qiresea wrote:this game has a lot (too many) mechanics that feel like "work" rather than "fun" and a lot of people (including myself) have stopped playing because of that. nobody wants to HAVE to login just to take care of the bees and the turkeys. fruit trees are one of the few positive things left in the game. if tree disease is introduced, all current orchards will be heavily destroyed. i agree with darwoth that this shows lack of respect for the time investment of the playerbase. i think it would be best if the devs created polls of the type "do you want tree disease to be implemented" rather than "will it be 2 tiles or 5 tiles" etc. but maybe it is already too late for that, judging from the "burn to hell" message this poll gives, i dont think there are many serious players left on the forum.

^^This. The players who admitted to voting for this on Discord, admitted they were trolling and just didn't care anymore. That's not who you should be taking advice from.

FulKain wrote:Many players have spent a lot of time to construct their base by respecting all the rules of the game. And now the rules change...
There should be a limit to how much the rules are changed, especially if the changes affect basic mechanics.
I agree with Darwoth and Qiresea.

^^Also this. The rules keep changing. It's a neverending chase to change things so that they follow the new rules, which is taking away from actual game play time.

And again.. this game is getting to be WAY too high maintenance. Need a vacation? Forget it. Caught a sickness for a few weeks? Sucks to be you because... we must tend to our trees or they'll destroy one another in our absence... the same trees we grinded to get the purity up on for nuts... WHICH only bloom once every few months. We must repot our potted plants because they'll die, use up all our food items because they'll spoil (nevermind the fact that some of those food items ARE the "seeds" or means to replant those items.. so if we get hit with spoilage then we' loose the high purity stuff we've grinded so hard for). Then there's the hinted mine redo, where all of us who followed what was allowed.. aka placing structures in mines, are going to be penalized by having the same structures decay. We had already balanced the risk of putting the structures there in the first place with the fact that if anyone got into our mine, it was a free for all for them because there is no "theft" crime in a mine.

Devs will do what they want but I suggest they stop deving and play as actual players with no dev powers, and build from the ground up. Spend sometime with all your **** being spoiled, beetle destroyed, and stolen. Grind up new players from the ground up and see how you actually enjoy putting the time into grinding for that one jalapeno you end up getting. Kind of doubt that's possible though... ya'll will get fed up and lapse and end up bailing yourself out with dev powers because it is getting too grindy to maintain unless you're a basement living with your parents and no real life kind of person.

End note: what the heck is wrong with you people? Voting for the world to burn? Do you actually still even play? Do you actually even like this game? Or is it a "well if the game mechanics are ****** enough, I'll finally be able to quit" kind of thing?
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Re: Tree Diseases

Postby Taipion » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:17 pm

Kandarim wrote:especially because this seems to address an issue that was only introduced because of a 'fix' to an issue that nobody really had. I didn't hear that much complaints about the randomness of orchards, as that was non-existent for 'large enough' orchards (I considered the randomness in mine to be really okay, and it only has 200 trees total, 49 each for the glutton pot ingredient fruits).

That's the weird thing about it, JC just wants to implement a tree disease, he probably even created the "fruit problem" as a justification for it.

Salem is one big conspiracy! :o
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Re: Tree Diseases

Postby Nsuidara » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:34 pm

JC said many times... he don't wanna give us fun or good thinks... >_>

i wonder why i still playing this game. I no need one more full-time job...

Salem per update, need more care about new thinks...
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I few months ? ago said about this...
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Re: Tree Diseases

Postby Hampa » Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:16 am

Salem has been my main game since i first started playing on Jamestown. And even though my post count might be low in comparison to most other players from that era, I have always been a frequent follower of the forum the past five years. This however is the first time i feel the need to voice my opinion on the current course of the game.

I remember the anticipation of the launch of providence. I also remember the initial burst of new content and the grand plans of Jorbtar. After a while it became apparent that their focus slowly shifted towards the development of new Hafen, and that brought with it the despair of losing my favorite game. Then my hope was rekindled as Chief took over the game. He brought with him a clear roadmap with changes and new content that was anchored in his long experience of playing the game and interacting with his fellow players. Every week was a treat with new and exciting stuff that had been in the hearts and minds of salemites for years. The game have never been better for me than during the first couple of months of MM-ownership.

During the following time there were a couple of less well received updates, and the game somewhat took a different turn with even more grind and considerably more focus on group play. After a while (totally understandable) the devs took some time of for major IRL events. The only problem was that this hiatus came at a time that made the player base left hanging with a new direction and some broken mechanics without the possibility to give feedback and any hope for changes. As a result some people quit, and some people adjusted. The hardest part for me atleast was the continuous growth of grinding in all different industries that had built up during the time. I have always prefered to play alone for better or for worse, and have always been willing to accept that it would be harder that way. But i really feel that the game is going to far in a direction that makes it not only hard, but almost impossible to play alone.

I don´t mind some grinding, and i hope it is apparent that my rant is not only about the proposed tree changes, but i just need to say that the game is starting to hit the ceiling of what is tolerable for players that don't rely on 5+ town members. And if it is the intention of the devs to drive the game even further towards making it to much of a chore for a single player to enjoy, i think it is time to go back to the mentality you had when you first took over and be clear and transparent with the direction you are going.

I play alone and love the game i have been backing for 5+ years, but the current grind is not rewarding enough to lose my IRL sanity over. Please don't make it even worse.
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