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Re: Gluttony

Postby Taipion » Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:28 am

belgear wrote:Boiling and baking 1100 bagels is the worst thing and offsets any nicety they may afford imo.


I totally forgot about that, my subconsciousness must have temporarily purged it from my memory.
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Re: Gluttony

Postby Chrumps » Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:46 pm

Taipion wrote:
So if it demands silver it is ok?

So we could have a berry recipe on par with stroganov if it requires silver?! :D

Bajgels most decisive factor is twofold:
first: it has enough glutton value to look good, even more than say terrines
second: they are farmable without leaving the safety of your base (plus an alt with a base on the shore in case of shellfish bajgels), and without the need to invest/trade in higher % iron or something like that

The FnF actually balances them I'd say, you can stage several chars and all lvl them over the same time period to cope with the high FnF, or invest into refreshers, or just ignore it,
but the FnF is bad and actually is a offset in comparison to other foods.

But maybe some people even like the long FnF as it tells them they don't need to do anything for a good while, idk.

Some other thing is the variety, you have them with all those toppings... something for everyones liking. ^^
Shrooms also has (weaker) toppings for combat chars and for bashers, which makes it a bit more convenient to glutton them I guess.

Or people just are used to them and need time to adopt new possibilities.

Or alternatives are simply lacking behind in the eyes of most people.

Bottom line is, I'd say their FnF is bad and they actually are pretty balanced,
yet, other food needs some love, and it would be nice to have more than just 2-3 viable foods for higher humors.

The part of bagel production that sucks is common for all 5 varieties than use them as ingredient. That somewhat offsets the inconvenience because of mass production profits.
And once you have plain bagels done it it quite easy to fill them.

Safety is lesser factor, but ability to craft them partially AFK is important (dough and fillings).

The FnF is okay, especially when raising multiple chars.

Yes, the neglected foodgroups need quite a lot of love. I'd say it all boils down to the spammability factor and bile point per inventory slot, that is including required restores as well as to restores availability.

What we need is a spammable food with at least 60 bile points and reduction not worse than 20% with 20% chance (compared to bagiels 15%/15%) and with timer debuff comparable to bagiels.
It could be also 120 base bile points with 3h debuff and 15%/30% (or 30%/15%) reduction. And any food whose weight exceeds 0.5 kg per 100 bile points will be most likely ignored, (I know: eggs, honey, drugs, but it still sucks).

Regarding reductions, it again boils down to a question how many restore pieces are needed on average per 100 bile points. E.g. for bottomfeeder bagels it around 1/6 at higher purities.

If you want people mixing foodgroups to restore, enable more simple food cycles, like terrines with garlic + wild wings with red bellpeppers where each one restores the other.

PS I just realized you removed restore from hash browns, placing it on candied jams, which nerfs potato food even more, because wild tubers are not spammable (oh, well, digging plugins, lol).

EDIT: It was not raised before, perhaps because it seems obvious, but since we have feasting sets, for anyone having at least a mid-game kind of feasting set it becomes a priority to create a sustainable feasting session and that is what makes bile point per slot, weight, restore cost and restore availability that important. Keep in mind that after 60 gluttony points with 4x bile gains and F&F reduced by half, the F&F per bile point factor becomes way less important.
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Re: Gluttony

Postby ZoddAlmighty » Sat Feb 24, 2018 2:29 pm

I do not think weight is a problem anymore considering honey, egg yolk and bollocks.
My beef with other recipies is their spamability and grindability.
If its to annoying to make in large quantities its not worth my time.
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Re: Gluttony

Postby Chrumps » Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:58 pm

1 bajgiel weighs 0.1kg
1 berry jubilee weighs 0.2kg
1 fruit salad weighs 0.3kg
1 shepherds pie weighs 1kg

Can you see the problem now ?

And, yeah, I can see the general increase of food weight, problem solved, LOL.
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