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Petition to save tea from QnQ retardedness

Yes, I drink 5 gallons of tea a day
No, I'm more of a coffee person and I also kick puppies and stick hot dogs up my ass as a hobby
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Re: Teapeace: Save the tea

Postby belgear » Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:35 am

I resent having to choose between drinking tea and housing hotdogs.
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Re: Teapeace: Save the tea

Postby lachlaan » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:08 am

I'm trying to remember what the initial motive for tea and stuff was, as well as the reasoning behind the inspiration pots and such. All i can seem to remember was that tea is there to counter carpal tunnel and inspiration potions are mostly there to give tryhards something to spend their time on once their stuff is exhausted. The early provi issue people accused was "oh my gluttony is on cooldown cause i ate 50 points worth of deviled beaver, see you in a week." or "inspiration is out back to bed my char goes". Teas let us work without spamming a billion frikadels, potions let us continue progression on a char when sheer labour alone feels too boring.

I get the need for scaling down stuff for an expedition but do try to keep the bigger picture in mind. Sometimes in an early server locked behind a skill your options are to do more of the same task that is less than useful with gluttony also locked, and the world generally being more dangerous. I personally walk around like a derp past any base i see and actively seek them but some people might decide their 50 humours are too low and too easy to get KO'd with. The trade off is that it's way more annoying now to get back up if you get murdled for a newbie.

If work and life duties let up a bit i'll try to actually observe the values of gluttony and drinking and stuff and give some more detailed feedback on it.

Mainly i just hope that the initial purpose of expeditions stays the same for the 3rd group of people involved. As i see it there are the ones that aim to win, the ones that aim to get wine to provi, and the ones aiming to inherit chars that can progress faster on concord than provi. The latter group is the one i'm talking about. I could go home and make the char i have now in 30 mins with ample slacking involved, and probably still effortlessly rival the char you'd end up with if you cannibalized the whole server population in its current state. I'll see what it's like after wine and stuff spreads, but i just hope people stick eith it in the meanwhile.
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