[Providence] Taipion's Store - UPDATE: New (2nd) Stall (!)

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[Providence] Taipion's Store - UPDATE: New (2nd) Stall (!)

Postby Taipion » Fri Jun 19, 2015 8:38 pm

This is Taipion's store,
buying and selling, always updated, check here reguarly for new deals!

To trade with me, just add me by (homestead secret) HS: taipionshop
or send me a pm here in the forum!

New: Also running a stall now!
Stall location:

Currently available on the stall: (updated and refilled 08.05.2019)
- Fibre nettings 93%+, best and cheapest anywhere!
- Dehydrated berries in all flavours, great for newbie or alt gluttony!
- Fresh and dehydrated roses
- Fertile droppings
- ready made, 76% stuffed turkeys, great for newbie/alt feasting or as phlegm food!
- 93% hay!!!

I now have a 2nd stall to the left of my first one, this one contains many natural products like:
- dead and plucked turkeys of high %
- eggs and yolk in buckets
- feathers
- cheap droppings
- majestic tailfeathers
- lambs of tartary
- bees, delphic bees, occasionally queen bees

Some "pro" tip on not getting scammed:

1.) Add a trusted traded through his HS from his trade thread,
if you had that char kinned already, "adding" him again will select that char in your kin list,
this way, you can be sure it is that char of that trader.
2.) Assign a colour to trusted traders/players that you do not use otherwise, (important: do not assign any rights on claims to that colour!)

That way, if someone calling himself "Trusted Trader XYZ..." comes to you and does not have the assigned colour, you instantly know its a scam attempt.

Offering Tailoring Services (not free! ;))

To prevent myself from repeating over and over, and to further help new players, I added a small "new player guide" to the bottom of this post! :-)

Still selling fertile turkey droppings turkeydroppings-f for 5s each!

pumpkin13 Selling Jack-o-Lantern!!! 100s each SALE: 50s each or 40s each for 5 or more

Jack-o-Lantern is the important part in making a Jack-o-Lamp, this lamp will:
- burn for 3 days!!!
- can always be re-ignited without adding any fuel
- can be used to ignite torches (slowly)

Fibre nettings for fishtraps at 90%+, the cheapest anywhere!!!
UPDATED Again: fibrenetting 92%+ for 120s each, 91-92% for 100s each

Want To Sell:

bar-iron wroughtironbar blistersteelbar iron and steel: not selling currently

boarddry Dry Board: 15s

boardplaned Planed Board: 25s

boardoiled Oiled Board: 40s

goldbargoldenegggoldflakes Gold! In all forms there are!

Tool service!
Crafting all standard tools, nails and stuff for you just for the material price!
(advanced tools if you bring the mats or I have them in stock)

All of these flowers can be used as inspirationals, among other things! You may order any quantity you want, selling them and other things you can grow in pots for just 5s each!
Image Dehydrated Rose (usually 100+ in stock): 7s

yellowrose Yellow Roses! 200s each!

Image Prevent disseases when going to town! Here you can buy Image = Image Berry Juice! One sip grants:
- 8 hours immunity
- logged in time only
- does not decay when offline!
- only 40s per sip!
And you don't need to buy or wear ar doctors mask, but are free to dress as you want! Don't miss this invaluable tool for your health and safety!
NEW: Berry Juice can now also be used in fruit-recipes! (which is it's most frequent use nowadays)

All things from bees, delivered as you like: honeycomb, bees wax, honey, royal jelly, delphic bees, drones, queens
Image Royal Jelly: 30s
FYI - These are the well known uses:
- One Royal Jelly fed to a common earthworm turns it into a python
- 3 Royal Jelly fed to a dead cricket will spawn a ridable giant cricket! You got to try this, it's so much fun! :D
(Ridable cricket: you can ride it in and out of houses and mines, you can do almost everything while riding except combat and lifting objects, especially you can craft, pick up stuff, chop wood, ... and you don't get slower when encumbered! And ofc it is super fast! No need to say it looks awesome!)
- 3 Royal Jelly fed to a dead bat will spawn a giant bat, if you are not 500+ biles and probably a witch, you likely don't want that though.

Image Coarse Salt: not currently selling

Image Yellow-Stained Cotton Cloth: 20s
(Also selling all other cloths if we have them in stock, just ask!)
Image Sea Island Cotton Cloth: 80s
Image Fibre Netting (93%+): Price as described in the beginning of this post.
Build your fishtraps with this! The fibre netting purity is 1:1 the fishtraps purity, and therefore the caught fish will have it, too!

Image Tiny Pocketwatch (5 in stock): make me an offer!

Some special imgs:
- Blue Easter Egg (1)
- Candy Basket (2)
- Stuff from opened Candy Baskets: Loyalist Lolly (1), Pumpkin Bites (1), Beargarden Biscuit (2), Truffle Taffy (3), Candied Corn (2), Canterbury Egg (1), Gummy Gills (1)

Want To Buy:

Image Fertile Turkey Hen: pm me with your price!

Image Granite: 1s each! good for now

Image Orange Easter Egg: currently on hold

Image Black Pearl: pm me with your price!

Image Pearl: pm me with your price!

ImageImageImage Gold! ...buying at 92s per 1 kg!! => 1104s per bar

Image Giant Willow Aphid: pm me your price!

Image New World Gourd: pm me your price!

Image Glass Pane: 225s
Image Silicate Compound: 40s

Image Springs! pm me your price!

Image Gelantinous Lard: offering 15s per piece!

On demand business:
If there is anything that is not listed here, just ask, chances are we have it, and if we can agree on a reasonable quantity and price, we have a deal!

We can also provide all seeds there are, partly at quite good puritys!

Also note: When trading, you put the money first, bigger deals can be done in smaller parts if you like to.

A small guide, not only for new players:
Seriously, if you are new or you just returned from a year of absence, read on, it might save your life, your sanity, or both!


First: to add someone ingame, go to "buddy list" (CTRL-B) and enter the homestead secret under "Make kin by homestead secret", then push enter.

Trading is usually done in town (the npc town named providence, like the server name, or sometimes called boston), for that people use the barrels there, unlike barrels that players can craft, they are containers which can be used by multiple players at once to commence trade.
Do not trust anyone you just met in town, you are bound to be scammed! Stick to trusted traders that can be found here in this forum section.
Iron bars weight 5kg per piece, some items are even heavier, and you can not port when overburdened! Ask me when in doubt, or you might get stuck in town!
Items have reduced weight when put into a backpack/barkpack, backpack has 50% reduction, barkpack a bit less, also things you wear weight less.
You can get to/from town/home under Adventure/Travel.

Trading part 2, how to not get scammed:

As described above, you can add someone to your kin list by using his HS, this is usually supplied to you by trusted traders in their trade threads first post.
Likely trustworthy traders are easy to spot by their pages long trade threads in the tradewind forum and by the positive feedback in their threads.
But, anyone can change his displayed name any time, so if you meet someone that you did not add yourself, you can never be sure who it really is!
Here comes the trick:
If you add someone by HS that you have already in the list, you will instead select that name in the list.
That way you can use traders HS to both add and verify that it is that person.
You may also want to colour someone you added, and that you know is (for instance) a trusted trader, in a different colour (that you DONT use for claim management!),
that way you can be sure that YOU added that person, and if you use (for instance) just one special colour for trusted traders, that it is such a person.

Dos and don'ts:

...about insanity and madness...
Don't EVER go afk, log out if you need to, being logged in makes you gain insanity, the current insanity level is invisible to the player, and once filled up, you will gain a madness level!
Insanity can be reduced by doing normal things, like whittling, planting stuff in pots, picking up flowers, but most noticeably: using up your inspiration!
Use up some of your inspiration (~10+ inspirationals) once an hour, and you should hardly ever get a madness level!
Sleep in a bed, a leafy bed is as good as a simple bed or grand bed when it comes down to keepking insanity in check!
...and don't lick mold! :D
Do NOT use expensive tools when you have madness, you might instantly lose them, take care!
Madness can be reduced through smoking tobacco, the less madness you have, the less useful this is, madness 1 may ver well require 10 or more "puffs" to remove it.
Madness can as well be reduced through sleeping with a teddy bear, equipped in your weapon slot, reduces 1 madness for 8h sleep according to what JC said, best choice for getting rid of madness lvl 1!
Madness can also be reduced through smoking the "hookas" in the "den", which is a buildin in town, close to where the "questionably effective snake oil"-dealer is, it requires 225 or so affluence to enter, smoking is free there,
you can use a hooka once a day, the timer gets reset every time you try, so trying again before 24h have passed will get you nothing and a fresh 24h timer.
In Latikais client, there are timers, you can make one for 24h to keep it in check.

...about the town...
Don't EVER go afk, especially not in town, you are bound to get a (potentially-permadeath-leathal) dissease, get cursed, or if afk for a long time, even get pushed out of town, killed and looted.
Stay away from poeple who are naked, in starter cloths only, and/or coughing to prevent being disseased.
A doctors mask for 750s or the one for real cash in the shop, or berry juice (I sell that juice!) will prevent disseases.
If you ever get disseased, don't let it stack to full, getting KOed with full dissease means permadeath! Instead, call Sky_Cardis, he will get you cured for free! Look here in his thread for HS and so on!

Wiki: https://salemthegame.wiki
There is currently only this wiki left, it's getting better every day though, and it sure is good enough to get you going!
(Don't use the tribe wiki, it is down 90% of the time, you won't like that.)

...about permadeath...
Just recently I had a good talk with a new player, said: "I really like this game! I just don't know yet what to think of that permadeath thingy, well, I gotta deal with it when it happens..."
Don't do that! If you don't care for the fact that your character can die permanently, you might very well regret that attitude when it happens!
Do prepare for it! You can inherit, yes, but you won't inherit any keys! Keep an otherwise unused alt on another account that has master copys of all your keys (one key is enough for all your doors usually), attuned to him!
If you don't do that, you will have to break your own doors, trust me, you don't want that!
Do have an alt! An alt that you use regularly, on another account, for chopping trees together with your main, for being active when your main got mad and needs to sleep while holding his teddy tight, and many other reasons.
If you do, you will be better able to deal with death, your death.

...about inheritance...
You can read here about it.
Basically, you can pay for keeping a certain ammount of your proficiencies and humors when you die and then inherit from that character.
As well, you can and should bury your dead character, if your murderer did not run away with it.
Doing so will grant you the ability to pray with the heir at the grave of his ancestor, thereby gaining a % of his proficiencies once a day, you need a flower for that, different flowers mean different proficiencies.

...about crimes...
Do it, by all means, if you feel like it, why not?! :-)
But DO use an alt for this!
Never commit crimes with your main, or you will soon regret losing a lot of time and sweat invested for a very tiny ammount of fun!
You can peek inside all those random leantos without commiting a crime yet, and then steal from them if you find it's worth it, but be prepared to lose that character.
This as well means that anyone who can reach your leanto, can loot everything you have on that character.
All the more reason to have 4 things:
1.) Walls, the bigger the better, split rail is better than nothing, stone hedge is already pretty good, but aim for more, and get a brick wall someday!
2.) Locks in all doors, without them, the wall means nothing, like its not there at all!
3.) A claim, claim 1 tiles further than your walls! Keep the claim payed, unpayed claimstones can be destroyed! And get a townbell as soon as you can afford it.
4.) Torchposts and/or braziers, preferrably both, covering ALL the area in front of your wall, this raises the ammount of work an dedication needed to get through your walls considerably! Instead of semi-afk-beating at your walls with full tea-buff, the attacker now needs to take much more care.

...about claims and towns...
Read: this for a few important questions and answers on how personal claims and town claims work.

...some info about braziers and TPs (torch posts)...
Read: this for a little insight.

NEW - Little Helpers: Take a look here for Latikais plugin system and some useful plugins!
Some of them can help you save a lot of tedious clicks.
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Re: Taipion's Store - Buying and Selling!

Postby Basil » Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:27 am

Good seller. Nice and helpfull. 600s trade done
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Re: [Providence] Taipion's Store - Buying and Selling!

Postby Taipion » Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:08 am

Added some items...
Need something? Here is my Shop (Including some useful info for new/returning players at the bottom of the first post)
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Re: [Providence] Taipion's Store - Buying and Selling!

Postby lordmatiz » Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:10 am

Good barter!
Everything went smooth.
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Re: [Providence] Taipion's Store - Buying and Selling!

Postby roweanmcroy » Thu Jun 25, 2015 8:59 pm

prompt replys and good value and service and helpful on the info as well
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Re: [Providence] Taipion's Store - Buying and Selling!

Postby Vigorix » Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:05 am

Really fast replies, and was very helpful online as well!
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Re: [Providence] Taipion's Store - Buying and Selling!

Postby hunterdyl2 » Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:18 pm

Quick response and explained a few things to me as a new player. Will trade again.
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Re: [Providence] Taipion's Store - Buying and Selling!

Postby bunny » Fri Jun 26, 2015 3:14 pm

Fast trade. Bought some steel bars
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Re: [Providence] Taipion's Store - Buying and Selling!

Postby Taipion » Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:28 pm

Now buy higher and selling lower!

- Buying lard at 30s! (for now)

- Selling royal jelly at 30s! (while it lasts)
Need something? Here is my Shop (Including some useful info for new/returning players at the bottom of the first post)
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Re: [Providence] Taipion's Store - Buying and Selling!

Postby monkeybee » Fri Jun 26, 2015 8:46 pm

....11/10 ^_^
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