Any one in need of a extra pair of hands?

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Re: Any one in need of a extra pair of hands?

Postby aprevite » Mon Dec 23, 2013 10:50 pm

I would second coming to Plymouth. My wife and I started playing on Plymouth about a month ago. We enjoy the game and there’s lots of still “virgin country” available on Plymouth. Yes, I pay land-lease to the tribe. My experience with the Tribe has actually been fantastic. They are patient answering my questions, which they’ve probably answered dozens of times about the game. They’ve offered help even when I didn’t ask. On Plymouth, if you pay you pay the Tribe you really can, “live in safety.” The reality is silver is not that hard to earn even for folks starting out. We’re mostly remote wilderness hermit players but we’ve come across active towns while playing. My wife and I both love permadeath games but we don’t want a game where people can constantly cause us grief. On Plymouth, you have a player governed system where no one is going to cause you grief. If you are a grief’er, then Plymouth isn’t the server for you.
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Re: Any one in need of a extra pair of hands?

Postby Cheena » Tue Dec 24, 2013 12:27 pm

jwhitehorn wrote:
Cheena wrote:We already told you that we do explain people what happens in our city. Stop being heavy with that chief you're becoming boring.

You continue to make these claims. But each time I see you solicit new players I find your responses void of the most important information about your city and their life/salem Career. Stop being so sleezy and solicit players with the truth.

Chief PeePooKaKa
MM Tribe

Do you really NEED to know everything that we say to the people who contact us/contacted by us really ? Stop being such a weasel geez >.>
Trust your enemies more than your friends. Your enemies will never betray you.
loftar wrote:***** the treaty.

(Note: Citation is severely out of context.)
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