[Read for server] Group for having fun.

Look for a group to play with here.

[Read for server] Group for having fun.

Postby Shenkho » Sun Sep 15, 2013 9:32 pm

Hello people ,

Im pretty new to the game so i kinda wanna join/make a group for the purpose of Learning the game while having fun with other people that would like to do so.I learn every day there alot in this game to learn and that great to know , but i know the basic..( I Think so :roll:) so if you have a group that want a new member or you wish to start one with me that would be great. Pm me or post here what ever you feel for ;).

EDIT: I forget to mention a server , im already in Jamestown but i dont really mind to change if you wish to start a new character with me. otherwise if you are/wanna start in Jamestown that good.
Enjoy your play.
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