Looking for/starting new settlement [Jamestown]

Look for a group to play with here.

Looking for/starting new settlement [Jamestown]

Postby Cid1122 » Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:18 pm

Hello, I'm looking to either start or join a current settlement.

You may have saw that I was recently buying turkeys, but was raided the very next day, lost EVERYTHING, especially that needed pickax. So I decided to start a new, clean slate, seeing that I know how to play the game.

I hope to find a settlement, or create on. I am a normal, english speaking, well cooperating, active player who knows what to do.

Here's what I've done notable not including skill gains:
Farming and Agriculture: Knowledge of plant tier upgrading.
Planning and Landscaping: Use of Ender Client, ground flattening, and well organized.
Knowledge of structures and objects
Very good knowledge of the purity and gluttony system.
Knowledge of clothing upgrades
Understanding of basic resource upkeep and inventory (Dry Planks, Coal, Ores, Lime)

If it also needed, I lost my base in the Darkness.

I'm not a 13 year old either.

I have Skype, PM me for my information, or if you're interested in starting a new settlement or need another resourceful player in your settlement.
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