Dissolution of MM Tribe

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Re: Dissolution of MM Tribe

Postby trungdle » Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:55 am

Ahahaha this is fun.
You thought I quit.
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Re: Dissolution of MM Tribe

Postby kai » Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:58 am

From a lowly person who has no real impact in game. this thread is really not needed and only shows a negative light on all involved. No good will come of it at all. better to be kept behind closed doors.
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Re: Dissolution of MM Tribe

Postby Darwoth » Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:45 pm

i have been trying for days now to keep this from happening and hoping that cooler heads would prevail on both sides, the responses by the vast majority of the nauseating morons in this thread disgust me as you clowns are so ate up with hate for a group of players that are better than you that you do not care in what manner they leave the game, just so long as they do. absolutely ***** pathetic, much like the waste claim dropped by the usual suspects on their reservation now that they have killed their characters and quit, where were any of you over the last half a yea other than in the killshots?

yeah.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

but enjoy some screenshots of breaking empty cupboards so you can feel like you did "something"

i have no comment on what transpired between various parties, i will simply state that the tribe deserves a lot more respect than they are getting from you perpetual losers and i wish they could have left the game under better circumstances than these, the tidal wave of stupid responses in this thread is a perfect snapshot for why i genuinely dislike most of you and "retard" is one of my most used words on these forums.

show some respect for your adversaries and for the group that has been part of the games "soul" for 3 years, anything less simply shows your lack of class and paints you in a contemptuous light.
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Re: Dissolution of MM Tribe

Postby JohnCarver » Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:46 pm

kai wrote:From a lowly person who has no real impact in game. this thread is really not needed and only shows a negative light on all involved. No good will come of it at all. better to be kept behind closed doors.

There is some very solid truth that some drama, especially that which contains damaging false accusations against the Title itself are probably better silenced. That being said, as stated originally I have little desire to 'immediately silence' veteran testers of the community especially when the nature of the conspiracy theory is presented in a "Final last Words" format. Now that this thread has had its fair shake and the player base in general has gotten a chance to comment on it I do feel it is time that we move on to the more important focus of staying the course on fixing and finishing the remainder of Salem.

I would be lying if I said a part of me doesn't actually enjoy the drama, tears, and theories that eventually erupt from situations that are not fully understood. However, in some situations, such as this one, to protect ALL parties who are involved the best I can do is to investigate the situation and ensure that no abuse was used.

It seems a few players seemed to take 'accusations' at face value and then generate their theories as if the document they read was 100% accurate. Please keep in mind that there are several false assumptions and/or statements throughout the document and like most situations involving drama in Salem the 'difference' is in the details and those details themselves are typically what make the difference between something looking confusing and everything making sense. It is the failure to have those Details from the accuser that has lead to his false assumptions and accusations. And it is my failure to provide those details that has lead to the 'fallout' from a member of the 33.

The 'Tribe' has long felt that they were 'owed' additional treatment above and beyond what questionably beneficial help members of the 33 already get. Having my ear allows for insight into mechanics, game design, information, among countless other benefits but in the end, the demanding tone witnessed here to 'know everything' was simply something I wouldn't compromise on and I personally believe the root of the issue.

The things I would have players who are overly concerned 'consider' when deciding if I, Mortal Moments, Marp, or anyone would actually allow a shred of anything we consider 'foul play' happen on this server or to this game would be:

#1: Where are the dead players and victims? Why is it 'The Tribe' waging a war here to save "player 1" or a "russian" or the other claims in the document? Why are those players themselves not upset or up in arms about the situation given all this alleged corruption.

#2: Is 'The Tribe' Leaving? Ikpeip is certainly a well-respected individual and I would agree he certainly has the final say on "what the Tribe is doing". But so far by my count, Bink, Mereni, Mouser, have all commented in this thread that they will be either staying or playing beyond the Tribe. Biddas still appears to be playing although he is banned from the forums, leaving the only 'active' Tribe player to post in the 'resignation' thread PMP himself. I can respect making a splash, I can also respect 'going out with a bang'. But I also have to look at the fact that at the moment it appears the Tribe itself is less than 2% of the active player base, and less than 10% of the active Tribe members themselves seem to be quitting.

Anyways, Drama like this, especially when regarding such longstanding players is always interesting. I feel that players have gotten to say what they wanted to say and respect that 90% of the community kept a level head and open mind about the entire situation. If I were in a position to release the names, towns, factions, involved in every major political event everybody would be a lot more clear on everything going on, and Salem wouldn't be Salem. I hope you can understand and will now be moving this to the hinnom for those who wish to read it or link it to anybody who may have missed it. The discussion/debate/ and theorycraft can now end as I believe the replied poster "kai" has a good point that false accusations like this in the end are damaging to the title and my need to watch drama shouldn't outweigh that fact. I'll be deleting further posts on the subject.
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Re: Dissolution of MM Tribe

Postby jorb » Sun Oct 19, 2014 9:50 pm

A.E. Housman wrote:WITH rue my heart is laden
For golden friends I had,
For many a rose-lipt maiden
And many a lightfoot lad.

By brooks too broad for leaping
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The rose-lipt girls are sleeping
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What a ride it's been. <3
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