Fruit: How long before it Rots?

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Fruit: How long before it Rots?

Postby Lillli » Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:56 pm

I thought I had this figured out. I also think I dreamed that somewhere I read that JC said the fruit would stay fresh for 3 days. Okay so I count the day I pick it as 1, the following day is 2, the next is 3. I figured that it should go rotten sometime after I picked it. (I sure have not figured out what time of any day that the game has a reset for the next day as when it changes seasons is always at a different time as I have been on for several of those day and night & always different) To make sure I cooked up the fruit before spoiling I started keeping track of when I picked the fruit. Today it spoiled 5 hours sooner than it should have! Sure there are inconsistencies in nature, and we all know that the parameters in the game keep changing to keep us on our toes, but is there a logical reason for the fruit to spoil in the first place? We do not get the use of it for an entire everbloom because the trees have no fruit the first 2 days. We never know when it will become deepfreeze so we often lose what is left mostly because we have no warning except maybe some of the blooms disappear...That is a bit excessive of things to track just so you will have the food when it drops in the middle of the deepfreeze!...

Sorry the main question is does anyone have a better guess than me or a real answer on how long the fruit lasts as edible in both row and cooked stated and how that time is counted?

Thanks a bunch,
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