a little map help

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a little map help

Postby Hellsblackace » Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:35 pm

Ok so as i hit a point in the game where i think i got a pretty good handle on it and my toon has a decent amount of skills, i was thinking of a heading out to find a place to settle and i had a few questions
1. where does the twilight start
2. where does the darkness start
3. any areas of the map i should avoid as "owned" by an alliance or someone?
(honestly a shaded map would be nice)
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Re: a little map help

Postby Nikixos » Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:00 am

pay landmarks
1 west and 1 north or 1 south
2 west for deep darkness. most pro witches settle west from there or non witches build church
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Re: a little map help

Postby Ronch » Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:20 am

Although I created this account in 2016 I did not start playing Salem until about 7 months ago maybe 8, so take that into consideration when reading my babble (I'm still a noob)

West twilight starts a little past the halfway mark on the map, and the dark starts a good 45 minute or more walk past that if the local terrain is convenient for travel.
You are definitely in the dark when your screen starts getting darker and torches have no lighting affect, or you start hearing an eerie female voice cackling near you.
...I pretty much stay close to my base with my main characters and use explorer alts to explore the rest of the map.
I know it is a damn big map though, I'm guessing a 4 hour walk from the East end to the West end because of terrain detours, and I'm guessing that North to South is about the same.
I've mainly only explored in the West and some of the South side of the map so far, but I hear tale that there is a large Island twilight or dark area too, maybe it is off of the East coast ? (there is a large Island off the East coast anyway)
I've also heard tales of a North and South twilight and dark on the map too. I've only experienced first-hand the Western twilight so far though.

Be aware that high altitudes (snow caped Mountains) can freeze a player very quickly no matter if it is during a cold-snap or ever-bloom. Also be aware that once inside of the twilight your humors will begin draining slightly but constantly, and critters there are more powerful and more aggressive. That humor drain is even faster inside of the dark too.
...I couldn't even survive for more than a few weeks in a small but well defended twilight-base with a 60+ humored character because of the sweet surprises that those twilight/dark critters have waiting for unaware players.
And have not even considered venturing into the dark yet because of how quickly my first twilight alt was dispatched.

IMO, you would be semi-safe building anywhere on the map as a new player with the exception of the dark n twilight as long as no large established Towns or Pclaims are near-by who's owners you are not familiar with already.
(near-by as in: like at least an half hours walk distance away)
...I'm not a proactive aggressive player, but I will find a large amounts of sundry ways to persuade any new settlement from establishing itself near me on the map just because of limited natural-resource reasons alone.

My advice is do not establish a base in the twilight until you have already establish a defendable base in the light first, so that you can mount and sustain any operations from that base. It will make any failures much more tolerable.
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Re: a little map help

Postby Chrumps » Wed Jul 18, 2018 7:07 am

Have a look at this thread. There is a map. Each of the landmarks can be travelled to by wagons. Sometimes it takes more than one wagon to get there. Indian camp landmark reportedly does not exist.
The light area is a circle centered in Providence. There is a tiny patch of darkness on the southern coast but on the northern side it is light till the edge of the map but if you travel inland there you should hit it quite soon. The landmark in the center is still in the light but the darkness begins nearby.

Moving away from Providence to avoid spawning area is a good idea but there is plenty of room between spawning circle and darkness circle.
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