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Postby Lilla » Thu May 17, 2018 1:55 pm

I tried to get the darkness butterflies but it was a fail. I did get to the rats, been there before and since I was lost and the lag was bad I stopped.

Is there any easier way to get the rest of the butterfly collection?
I spawn the moths but only one so far.

Help would be appreciated!
I guess this question is like the top secret grapes that are all gone, or the Masonic Temple:)

I see 35 people reading but no one answers? Is it the black plaque day?

How about this one?
I finally get to rent a stall at the tune of 8k, but through the week it would not accept the rent money, not at any time. I even bought the purse to put the money into and still it did not recognize the money. Whoops there it is, stall gone while I am out trying to find my way home due to so called "lag", only lag after I passed whoever that was looking at me on the coast past that skull art, an hour into the ride and lag boom. I put enough to cover the stall in the bank and I bought 1k worth or product so the rent money was in the stall when it came due. Instead, products all gone, money all gone, what a waste of collecting so many indian charms and soap.

Who is porting into my place and leaving no scents? Don't worry I would never buy from the store. How did you like all those bricks in a bin on top of the other crap you stole? I knew that area was open but I had to make some changes and gather more silver to do so.

When anyone asks questions on the forum all they get is it is in the older posts. While that may be correct, somthings are not in the older posts. You all have gotten just plain meaner through the years.

I play this game to relax! Focus on something different. Have a good day!
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