Possible to thaw me out, given the circumstance??

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Possible to thaw me out, given the circumstance??

Postby Codratus » Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:57 pm

So I got the gumption yesterday to get back into Salem after a long break because I love this game. Logged in naked and in providence so I must have been raided at some point, but not killed somehow? Whatever it's cool a fresh start is great so long as I still have my semi-developed character to jump right back in.

As I set off I noticed I had Hypothermia. In the middle of a presumably warm biome, and it's not even a cold snap? Figured it wasn't anything to worry too much over but made some jute clothing anyways to be safe, which didn't even get rid of the hypothermia. Not much else I could do for clothing as I have no way to acquire cotton at the time so I simply pressed onward. I traveled outwards from Providence past the Church basically without a sense of direction. I stumbled onto Heffernan's Butt eventually, a fine work of art. From here I made it a point to travel Southwest-ish as I remember my previous explorations were in the North. It was typical journeying from here until I hit the snowy mountain.

My temperature started dropping dramatically and eventually I froze solid. Almost made it too. :?

So to my question. Is there any way to provide coordinates of some kind so that a kind pilgrim could come thaw me out? I use Lakitai's client. I know it's dangerous to give my location stranded in the wilderness with no way to defend myself but honestly my hands are tied. I doubt I'd be willing to start with a totally fresh character too so if I'm killed it just makes the decision easier on me.
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Re: Possible to thaw me out, given the circumstance??

Postby nosfirebird » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:36 pm

make another toon add your main toon and go thaw him out with a torch

also make some meat broth and dink a bit every so often
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