Base Defense

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Base Defense

Postby Krystalfoxfire » Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:58 pm

Some nomadic-type came and leaned on all the gates to our claim last night and left scents, so we're thinking it's time to invest in some security measures!
We've built 2 braziers, one that covers our house and the wall/gate surrounding it + main gate #1, and another that covers the 2nd main gate.
Should we build more braziers/baby braziers/torchposts/mortars? Where should we put them? Outside our wall? Inside our wall? How much defense weaponry is enough to reasonably deterr intruders?
We've never even seen these kinds of things in action, we just know how to build them, load them, and not step into firing range. XD
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Re: Base Defense

Postby Zapt13 » Thu Aug 31, 2017 5:35 pm

Inside your walls! I made the mistake of having all of my defenses inside my outer wall, but outside my inner wall. After the bandits broke the outer wall they had direct access to approach my braziers and pour water on them to disable them. Then I was left defenseless!
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Re: Base Defense

Postby TotalyMeow » Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:30 am

Build them inside your walls. Make sure they cover all parts of your walls. Build a mix of braziers and torchposts as they each have their strengths and weaknesses. Build a few baby braziers to move to whatever location is being attacked. I suggest near the gates as the default position for where you leave them when not being raided.

Extending your pclaim a bit beyond your walls is also a good idea. And a second layer of wall is good too, make sure it's lower level than the main wall (search for "splash damage" to learn more). If your main wall is stone, add a split rail outside it. If it's brick, add plank or stone, etc.
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