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Re: Player Guides and Tutorials (NEW Episode 11 Out)

PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:57 pm
by TotalyMeow
DeepSixed wrote:The whole Dev declaration they are getting rid of alts was a Major lie. It was only alts without leanto which is easily rectified on claimed land.

""Main"" conflicts are very, very rare! Denote Mains by Scalp score of 7-12K.

We never claimed we were getting rid of alts, only alt vaults, which we did.

No, a main character is one you play on a lot. That makes some raider characters 'main', and a lot of other extra characters that aren't hide-in-the-base farmers. Denoting a main by score is pretty unfair since a lot of people don't have high scoring mains, like newbies or casual players or people who tend to buy stuff more than try to craft it and so don't have really high S&C or T&N or whatever.