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Re: Is Salem streaming? Check here!

Postby Dallane » Sat May 13, 2017 12:09 am

Your "community" outside of twitch from the 1st page of a google search

Twitter - Just you posting with no fanbase speaking to you, sharing or w.e it is that twitter does.

Youtube - this is the only place that has content. It clear that your eve vids are much more popular. Clicking on the vids to look at the comments and there sin't much. Even with the most recent shipyard stuff there is only like 6 comments. Where is the fanbase?

Did you know there is a town in africa named Daopa? I didn't till just now

Your corp website - This has some content and guides and such but the forums is just you posting. The sign up button is broken.

Corp facebook - dead with only 64 followers

Your facebook - Same as twitter. Just you posting.

Your actual website - Zero comments. Just you.

http://www.ellatha.com - The "fanwebsite". Actually ran by you and not the fans apparently. I made a script to cycle through your random members. In the last 20 mins of doing this there is only ONE use that has a single post. The others are some weird coupon bot. I went through 1/3 of your "users". How is that possible with these numbers?

Members : 3446
-Active : -Active :3331
-Non active : -Non active :115

Salem with Active users per month 1693 generates a TON more post than yours does in a single day.

lol - http://www.oocities.org/southbeach/cape/8946/
You signing the guest book
"HMMM i would say your hot but im not cuz u have to many doggies already .... check out my page if u like .. over 200 pics of a ton of people <>maybe u wanna be added too<>"

I might be off a bit with the last bit of searching but I'm using nothing but your email to find those sites. Thats just me scratching the surface. Again ZERO community. If you can actually show me a active community then I'll drop it, say I'm wrong, apologize and move on.
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