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Postby Darwoth » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:05 am

lol ***** guy has "we punch nazis" and a bunch of hardcore SJW retard **** all over his facebook page with a picture of some of his masked ***** buddies attacking people at rallies.

so what we have is a self hating white male "anti fascist" fascist that has spent his life fully immersed in california liberalism who holds the belief it is perfectly fine to set fire to property, mace innocent people and sucker punch folks that have their back turned should they wear a trump hat or express a desire to keep muslims out being culturally enriched to death a few days/weeks later by a black guy that "hates white devils" and decided to become a muslim so he could kill whitey in the name of the moon god.

sounds like it came out of a comic strip.
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