Who is Ben Shapiro, and why do i love him?

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Re: Who is Ben Shapiro, and why do i love him?

Postby Lazun123 » Mon Aug 22, 2016 7:42 pm

Darwoth wrote:
Lazun123 wrote:
I dont agree with him on some of his stances, but actually defends what he says with facts and with logic, not bs one sided out of context manipulated statistics to advocate his bias.

Difference in opinions is what i think makes our country great, when he speaks it is not full of angry button pushing but in my eyes a true hunt for the truth! I absolutely respect that.

Darwoth have you seen when he debated Piers Morgan HAHA?? It was beautiful!!

yeah i do not agree with many of his viewpoints either as he is a staunch conservative and i am more of a hybrid/libertarian (fiscally conservative, socially liberal. do whatever you want as long as i do not have to pay for it or be annoyed by your activity), though i agree on more than i disagree with.

yeah i saw him obliterate morgan, i can not stand that annoying prick (even worse by the fact he is not even an american yet is known solely for championing the leftist cause on american domestic issues, for me that is the worst kind of liberal) and that is why it is good folks like shapiro with the patience he has exist to argue with these jackasses because someone like me and probably most normal folks would have wound up debating him the way that alex jones did :lol:

Shapiro has the temperament to not fall into that trap haha!

I've never been one to side with a party or categorize. My attention has always been twords policies, when you belong to a party you are often having to support views you may or may not agree with. For example, i strongly supported sanders, not for his economic plan, free school, free health care esc esc. But in my view he had the most integrity to fight corruption and over turn Citizens United, I fear more in our own government then i do ISIS or some other nut job with a assault rifle. Now i cant stand the spineless coward for sideing with the most destructive politician in our nations history, just because he is afraid of trump. That free **** i felt distracted from what is really hurting america, which is corruption. As far as economics i dont believe you can have both socialism and capitalism dominating in the same market, which is why i am against Obamacare and most social programs.

To my point at, if i were a reb. Libertarian, demo or liberal, i would be having to defend positions i dont agree with. :/
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Re: Who is Ben Shapiro, and why do i love him?

Postby Dallane » Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:33 pm

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Re: Who is Ben Shapiro, and why do i love him?

Postby AngelOfSilence » Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:14 am

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Re: Who is Ben Shapiro, and why do i love him?

Postby Propulsion » Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:01 am

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