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Re: I may be back

Postby ramuller » Sun Oct 28, 2012 8:52 pm

Since this thread is going in all sorts of directions, I might as well use it to ask a question: how long will my claim stay in place if I don't inherit it right away (ignoring vandalism and other criminal activity)?
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Re: I may be back

Postby Glennfinnan » Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:00 pm

Personal claims can be only revoked if a village claim is overlapping it [requires twice as much silver as it takes to originally claim the land].
Village claim can be revoked by destroying the Town Bell [must run out of the upkeep in the first place].
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Re: I may be back

Postby colesie » Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:32 pm

colesie wrote:How would criminal acts work if there was a non-pvp server? If you remove them completely people could exploit it to no end to grief others. If you leave it, the whole system of retribution would need to be changed and imo, it wouldn't be nearly as satisfying. The thrill of the build imo is the survival aspect. Why make a massive village if there's literally nothing to oppose you? Why make walls aside from maybe the odd animal roaming around, and even then, they couldn't kill you or do any lasting damage. The idea of a carebear server is just not a good one.

This has nothing to do with new players and how they need to be coddled in a niche game. My point is, if you make a non-pvp server you have to do one of two things. Remove criminal acts completely which would result in impassable claims and just general silliness while leaving them would result in no retribution on the victim's end. As DDDs said, people can just alt vault all their crap before they sleep and never have to worry about losing their character over night. The idea of this game is the thrill of building up defences while knowing at any moment you could be attacked. It's a survival game. As Sabi said, there's literally no challenge without it. If noobs are to learn they need to play the real game not some girly-man no-loss time sink. Besides, if they played the non-pvp server and then switched to the real server they wouldn't be any the wiser anyways. What would they learn? "I can forage really well and I can flatten tiles like nobody's bsns." They wouldn't learn about who they can trust, potential tricks/baiting for pvp tactics, etc. Tbh I'm sort of butthurt that animals can't even murder you, aside from a non-pvp server. The best and only way to learn the game is to play the game.
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