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Re: Tiny update: Minor changes to the camera

Postby colesie » Mon Oct 08, 2012 7:53 am

FunForLife wrote:
MagicManICT wrote:What? You don't want more space to play in? Fine with me. I can grow to like to see all the wars and land fights. A lot of people will want to find their own little space, though.

Gettin your own space for what? Before anyone finds me randomly, i can build anything the game gives, get all profencies useable and leave the table. There question is not where to settle, but for what?!?

We had 10 new guys in our Colony last 3 weeks. All havin fun and beeing excited of Salem. They really played for few days with lots of fun. But then they all asked the big question: Where is this game going? For what am i building all this stuff? And why do i reach the end of short run progress sooo damn fast! All left to do is grinding for purity?!?

And then they all left the building! :(

The endgame is and always will be item/equipment grind and PvP, the game is a social experiment that Haven already tested. As the forum develops a personality and becomes more tight knit, and as more alliances/wars begin/end those are the two results that you will come to.
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