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Re: Fabulous Fashions

PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:28 am
by MarpTarpton
Thank you all for participating. This was not an easy contest to judge, as none of them truly are, and there are several designs that did not win that I truly hope to have time to implement (I spent a large portion of Sunday trying to decide among 5 entries which one deserved 3rd place), even if it means tweaking them so that they can fit the characters/game. Having consulted with Darwoth, I have been permitted to share with you the names of the winners:

3rd Place - Jennyferi

The coat and sea-themed cape were really good ideas. Although the cape obviously isn't quite period-appropriate, it is similar to many of the themed special capes we have floating around. The coat, while simple, is feminine and I felt matched really well with the art style of the game and it would really be an injustice not to get more feminine pieces of clothing (that aren't corsets or shell bikinis) into Salem.

2nd Place - Paradoxyc

This set was really spot on. I'm going to do my very best to bring it the justice and detail it deserves, but clothing isn't my forte and we may have to bring in a pro. That said, the concept is of the caliber of many of the sets in the game as they originally were (redcoat, founding father's, etc) and it seemed the artist considered how all the pieces would look tied together. Good job here and I like the colors.

1st Place - MaxPlanck

Although only one piece, and maybe not the "coolest" mask of all the submissions, this utilized ingame lore in its design. We already have a handful of deer masks but the style shouted Salem at me, and I look forward to creating it and seeing it ingame.

Winners can retrieve their silver from me upon request (PM me and we can find a time to meet up ingame) and the costumes will be released when I can make them and get JC to push them into the code. Again, well done to all.