Hotfix 8.9.2014

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Hotfix 8.9.2014

Postby JohnCarver » Sun Aug 10, 2014 4:32 am

Couple of hotfixes and/or changes today:

*Butchers Thrift now explains its new use better.
*Fixed Typo on tooltip for glass of rose otto.
*Fertile Turkey drop rate increased. Still rare.
*Cricket spawn rate nerfed.
*Cricket pack sizes nerfed.
*Turkeys can now spawn with a minimum of 2 in a pack up from 1.
*Turkeys spawn rate nerfed.
*Turkeys do slightly more dmg
*Turkeys cooldown between attacks lowered.
*Graphic used for cotton seed bag changed.
*Graphic used for bar of soap changed.
*Singing old log spawn rate nerfed.
*Tooltip added to springs.
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