regular player looking for group

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regular player looking for group

Postby grimryth » Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:04 pm

i know the game well enough to help out, with the desire to learn the new mechanics i missed out on while i was absent for a period with this game, where apparently much has changed in the way of it. i have my character built up good. i have been soloing for a long time in game on my own. im looking for regular players who dont mind for the moment that i dont have a mic (will get one later).....the last time i played this game there was a decent amount of people playing and i had a group that i had been with in H&H that crossed over, we had a great mine hub for a satellite town we were working on. we even danced with skeletons around the statue at providence, praising devs for the awesome content that was about to be updated, which we were unexpectedly greeted with raising and lowering terrain around the statue in an instant, flying broomsticks and beasts for riding were released upon us, i know someone has footage of it, they were one of the first few guys making videos( i cant find it on youtube like i hoped). either way that was an awesome time for salem, many people were flooding into the game and many more expected to come. i come back after unfortunate events forced me to stop playing the game(cant remember old account, so had to start anew) and find that it's as if something killed a part of this game and it's even harder to get into a group than it was in w2 of H&H. this game is great, ill continue to play it even if i get no response but i would really enjoy finding a group of regular players, its much more fun with other good solid people.
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Re: regular player looking for group

Postby SirFillingsworth » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:35 pm

Hi, there! I'm sort of new to the game, but I play a lot (except on days when I have to work). I'd be interested in joining a group with you, if you'd excuse my limited knowledge of the game :D

I'm a hermit and have a small setup going. It's really, REALLY small, but I could move towards you if you would like. I also do not have a microphone, so we could just use in-game chat. If you're interested, just send me a message here on the forum (or reply to this post, doesn't matter), and we could get started. Also, I should mention that I my time zone is EST. If that's a problem, let me know. I'm usually up pretty late, anyways. Have a nice day, man.
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