Phenomenal Timing, New Opportunity

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Phenomenal Timing, New Opportunity

Postby Zapt13 » Sun May 21, 2017 4:53 pm

Hello everyone,

I've been a hermit here for years, rarely contributing to the forums. Recently I was raided and all of my sheds and town bell were destroyed. Remarkably this took place while I was with my new child and wife in the hospital. I'm not sure if someone got lucky or if someone in my personal life is playing this game "against" me without telling me. Anyway, I still have my pclaims and I've managed to knock down the gates I no longer have keys to, so I can still harvest cotton and perhaps trundle along a bit longer. I considered quitting, but this is the perfect game to while away 2 minutes or 2 hours depending on what life allows me. So rather than build up my base again and have the strong player who already knows my whereabouts come and knock it open again, I thought I'd put out a probe and see if anyone is looking to harbor a hermit who is unable and unwilling to defend himself, but could passively contribute to a town.

Before anyone asks, the raid took place long enough ago that the scents are now gone.

If the raider who hit me wants to open a dialog, I'd be cool with that. The name of the town had something to do with beer, if that helps ring any townbells.

Thanks all,

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