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Howdy fellow friends :D

PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:45 am
by BrandonW1998
Hello everyone! MY name is Brandon (irl) and i'm coming from hafen :D. anyways, i'm in search for people who would mind joining me, new players as myself, i'm not looking to join a village, cause im not really experienced, so i'll work my way up with some of you people who would want to join me, ill be making a discord as well so we can chat off of the game for things needed (in case of time zones). However, i'll be inviting my village people from hafen if they want to join salem as well! SOOO, furthermore, im not looking to join anyone whos into this, im looking for people who arent so experienced, so we wont have to bug people, worrying about quitting (im not gonna quit) and work our ways up together :D im a quick learner, and a very friendly fellow (in hafen, i was the carpenter, owned a village Called OakHart, we were a non pvp town, only 2 fighter that wasnt used only for when we got attacked, whcih never happened cause people became friends with us, anyways, im hoping the group i get, will be friendly and would love to just injoy the game, i saw rankings , as in fishing and cooking, i want to try to rank into cooking :D ) Well!!! If anyone, ANYONE, whos not experienced wants to join me, as im not really experienced myself, give me a message, we will work together and grow together, hopefully start a fresh colony :D dont worry, i have several friends from haven who might have your time zone as well :) HOPE TO SEE SOME PEOPLE SOON ! Thank you all <3

Re: Howdy fellow friends :D

PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:52 pm
by PsychoBear
Hello Brandon,

I'im a French player (Time zone: GMT+1) and I created my own little settlement 2 weeks ago in a very beautiful and convenient place. I'm between several biomes and lakes, so you and your friends can virtualy do whatever you want (fishing, cooking, farming, etc). I'm not really a new player, but I feel really lonely and I could use some help to be a good cook (especially a baker) and sell my goods. If you and your friends are fast learners, it won't bother me to teach you the basics of Salem.

Send me a PM asap to tell me if you're ok or not with this idea.