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Small Civilization! Recruitment

PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:40 pm
by darksoul1200
Hello my fellow pilgrims!
I'm holding up a small like neighbor like civilization, that people who are new or just lonely would like to come and play! it wont however become a town, not till i know the Fellow Pilgrims are serious and active. Furthermore, you can do whatever you want however the size of home plots have to be equal to everyones else's just to save space for the other members. :) i know its a BIG World, but it would be a little to much if someone had land that took half the map area, takes time for the Fellow Pilgrims to get around to other members. But anyways! if you're wanting to join!! pm me right away. remember i said small, so its limited on member recruitment.

Also, It will be a lot of fun having people who's new or experienced on and working together, and enjoy the game and what it has :D.. Hope to see you there!!

Also, i can bring a friend if you want one to join with you ;)