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LeeLee's Junk Shop.

Postby L33LEE » Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:11 pm

Selling numrous random junk items.

All Trades will require silver payment first. Please Send me a PM with the items you wish to buy, and i will come meet you in town.

Whole Snakes(Un butchered):
3% : 20s each
4% : 30s each
5% : 50s each (currently out of stock)

Misc :
Coal : 10s each
Lime : 3s each
Leather : 30s each
Clay : 50s per 24
Bricks : 75s per 24

Misc items are made to order, and may take upto 24h to complete.

More to be added soon.

Prices Negotiable.
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