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Argent's Odds & Ends

Postby ArgentRhapsody » Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:48 am

Hello everyone, this will be my shop on this forum! I'll be posting buy & sell offers here irregularly, on an as-needed basis.


herbs/newworldgourd - New World Gourd, 350s (1 in stock)
thornbushflowers - Rarefied Thornbush Flowers, 650s ea, 5-use(7 stock)
pearl - Pearl, 5-use, 800s ea (2 stock)
petrifiedwood - Petrified Wood, 7-use, 350s (1 stock)
salamander - Salamanders, 40s ea, (12 stock)
snakeskull Whispering Snake Skull, 1900s (1 stock)


Nothing for now.

HS: Argent

Silver first when trading, please
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