Pistolshrimp is a Bad Trader Trade Thread - Updated

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Pistolshrimp is a Bad Trader Trade Thread - Updated

Postby pistolshrimp » Mon Aug 31, 2020 7:58 pm

You should know I suck as a trader. I am trustworthy, don’t steal, and don’t sell scented items and all that, but the problem is I tend to get bored easily. I don’t want to haggle over prices. I don’t want to stress about maximizing my gains nor do I want to worry that I am being taken advantage of.

This is definitely a weird way to start off a trade thread, but I am letting you know this so you, as a potential buyer or seller, can use this to your advantage when trading with me. In other words, the more interesting your offer, the more likely I am to give you better deals than you will find maybe anywhere else, because I really don’t care about getting a ton of silver or something.

Things that make trading more interesting for me:
[list=]Trading for items rather than silver, or silver and items.
Large amounts of silver are more interesting than small.
Information about mechanics that most people don’t know.
Map information: ie location of active bases, map tiles, which player owns what base, etc.
Are using the items for something cool? Especially anything that will be public ie forum post, stream, testing new mechanics, or making a run at being on a leaderboard. A general note is the more something only benefits you the less interesting it is to me.
Information for the wiki. It’s not perfect so if you are pretty comfortable with a mechanic and you find something inaccurate let me know.
Making an offer rather than asking me what I want -- I don't know the value of anything lol [/list]

These rules are not set in stone, so use you imagination! The overall theme here is that I’m trying to incentivize active involvement in the greater Salem community. Reading about your cool ideas will be way more interesting than me building more storage to hang onto items I probably don’t really need any way.

If you are new player and you don’t know how to make things more interesting but need something just ask. I want to support new players as much as I can and to that end I will do small deals that I wouldn’t normally do. Also keep an eye on my stall where I often sell items at below market prices to give players like you a jump start.

What I Have
snakeskull Whispering Snake Skull
franklinbar Franklin bars
anyrawgem Large Gems
ore-silver Silver Ore
eyepatch Eye patch
teasel Teasel
sodombrick Sodom Bricks
tinypocketwatch Tiny Pocketwatch
starburstcut Large Cut Gems
miasmamasque Miasma Mask
Most shop tools and weapons
Nearly all rare inspirationals in bulk
High quality local maps (the area around your base)

Are you looking for an item that isn’t here? Let me know what you are looking for an I’ll keep an eye out for it.

christmassweaterred Any Christmas Sweater
bigred Big Red Tomatoes
spring Springs
mediumorder Trade Orders
anyrawgem Large Raw Uncut gems
rainbowscales Rainbow Fish Scales
curiouspotato Curious Potatoes
cricketviolin Cricket Violin
bucket-roseotto Rose Otto
Rare clothing, artifacts, or developer items

Trade Only
thornbushflowers Thornbush Flowers (I only sell these to one person, but if your offer is interesting enough I could be tempted to trade.
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Re: Pistolshrimp is a Bad Trader Trade Thread - Updated

Postby pistolshrimp » Sat Jan 09, 2021 6:25 am

Bump for new content.
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