Tips on avoiding the Tribe

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Re: Tips on avoiding the Tribe

Postby Cawalox » Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:15 pm

Mushibag wrote:
Cawalox wrote:I noticed at least two forms of this bug. It exists for a long time and I am sure it is reported. But just in the case it is not here it goes. One is by following someone. If he teleports home you will automatically keep going toward his location. Other one is by (not)-memorizing someone, you need to open the flower menu and once he teleports home click the memorize button. There are probably more ways to do this.
I am not aware of the chat bug.

The flower menu was fixed, it closes if the target ports now. Other forms still exist.

P.S. This is not where you report bugs, report them to bugtracker.

As I said I am sure it has been reported, if someone is diligent enough to go trough all reported bugs he can do it there. The thing they claimed to have fixed it is what makes me believe its intended content. If you dont believe me try it for your self.
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Re: Tips on avoiding the Tribe

Postby pistolshrimp » Fri Feb 28, 2014 6:21 pm

Cawalox wrote:This will minimize the chance they will find your base right away. Since there are ongoing mapping projects your base will probably be found sooner or later but you should be able to erect some basic defense.

I hate to beat a dead horse but if you don't want your base mapped send your in your tiles to me or Kwaad before you start digging and paving, that way your base will won't show on the map.
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Re: Tips on avoiding the Tribe

Postby Tycondero » Sun Mar 02, 2014 10:19 am

idiotul1 wrote:I think the chief is an awesome person. He just wants to show jorb that he can destroy his game by reducing the number of players with the treaty. This would limit his potential income and make him waste time on salem.
Maybe a nerf on the purity system would keep these bronies at bay?

Sorry, but this reasoning I cannot understand at all. What is the benefit of having less people play a game that one likes to play himself? Less people would mean the game is less interesting I would say, and it is not like we are overpopulated.
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